Electric Fan for Home Improvement in Nigeria

Are you tired of the hot weather and need something for a change? Yes, the hot months of the dry season can drive someone “insane” if an alternative source of fresh air is not in place. How do you generate fresh air without sitting outside? Homeowners have tried electric fans with great success. With an electric fan blowing in your house, you will feel less heat. Aside from that, electric fans can also serve other purposes. Homeowners in Nigeria can use them for home improvement. This is because they come in various shapes and sizes. This article discusses electric fans for home improvement in Nigeria

What Is an Electric Fan?

An electric fan is an electronic device that has a motor that moves blades that are attached to a central rotating hub. The function of an electric fan is to circulate air to cool and ventilate a room and control humidity. This means that with an electric fan, you can change the movement of air in your room to suit your needs. 

How Does an Electric Fan Work?

An electric fan works by circulating air around a room. The rotation mechanism of the fan is built in a way to attract warm air. As the hot air rises (in the case of a ceiling fan), the blades of the fan slice this air and push it down. This process is continuous, causing the air to circulate in the entire room. The increase in velocity of the airflow from the fan causes the air to feel cooler than the ones entering the fan. The fast-moving air increases the rate at which our skin loses heat due to evaporation. 

Types of Electric Fans in Nigeria 

There are different types of electric fans in Nigeria that homeowners can use for home improvement. They are:

Ceiling Fan

This is the most common type of electric fan, and it has quite a good history, too. Nigerian homeowners have used ceiling fans before other types of electric fans became common. As the name implies, ceiling fans are fixed to the ceiling of your house. If you want to use it in your sitting room, for example, you have to fix it to the ceiling of the room. A ceiling fan is a mechanical fan that is usually powered by electricity. It has blades that rotate to redistribute air in a room. 

Wall Mounted Fan

Another kind of electric fan you can use for home improvement in Nigeria is a wall fan. When floor space is an issue, wall fans come in handy. They are designed for compact and tight spaces and are ideal for small offices, rooms, or shops. They cool your body by simply pushing air throughout the area where they are installed.  

Table Fan

Table fans are becoming popular today in Nigeria. The advantage of this fan is that it does not consume a large space, and it is lightweight. Homeowners can either place a table fan on the table or even on the ground. Table fans are compact, convenient to operate, and easy to carry. Aside from that, most table fans are powered by electricity, while some are rechargeable. Due to its compact nature, you can place a table fan close to you and enjoy the fresh air.  

Tower Fan

Homeowners can buy tower fans in Nigeria when doing home improvement. As the name suggests, a tower fan is a fairly tall, narrow, tower-like structure that usually comes in a very sleek and compact design. This fan also has a built-in ionizer that purifies the air when it is used. Since this fan is lightweight and easy to carry, you can put it anywhere in your house. 

Pedestal Fan

A pedestal fan is known as a standing fan in Nigeria. These kinds of fans are common like the ceiling fan and are best known for their powerful cooling ability and increased versatility. 

Different Brands of Electric Fans in Nigeria

There are different brands of electric fans homeowners can buy in Nigeria when doing home improvement. Common electric fan brands are Ox fan, Qasa electric fan, SMP electric fan, Solitec electric fan, Homeflower, Panasonic electric fan, Lontor electric fan, LG electric fan, Omaha electric fan, etc.

Electric Fan for Home Improvement in Nigeria

Where Can I Use an Electric Fan in Nigeria?

There are several places homeowners can use electric fans in their homes. You can fix a ceiling fan to the ceiling of your room, sitting room, office, and shop. Aside from that, you can place a pedestal or standing fan anywhere in your house or office. Wall fan can be hung on the wall of your office and home. And if you prefer a tower fan, you can place it in your room, sitting room, and office. 


Electric fan for home improvement in Nigeria. There are several kinds of electric fans homeowners can use for home improvement in Nigeria. You can go for a ceiling fan if you want a fan that you will fix to your ceiling. Or, you can go for a wall fan, if you have little space in your room. Standing fans, table fans, and tower fans are also good for places with little space. 

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