How Much Are Rechargeable Lamps in Nigeria?

The price of rechargeable lamps in Nigeria varies on the kind and how long the battery will last when you start using it. For starters, a rechargeable lantern helps you beat “NEPA”. We all know that “NEPA” can throw everyone in darkness for hours, even days, making people dependent on alternative sources of light. One cheap alternative source of light that you can use in your home is a rechargeable lantern. This kind of lantern comes in different sizes and some even come with a radio. But how much are rechargeable lamps in Nigeria? This article answers that question.  

What Is a Rechargeable Lamp?

A rechargeable lamp is an electronic device that uses a battery as its main power source. The device can use the same battery over and over again, as long as you charge the battery. Rechargeable lanterns are alternative sources of light and can be used to illuminate the surrounding whenever there is a power outage.

How Does a Rechargeable Lantern Work?

The way a rechargeable lamp works is not different from how the regular light bulb works – it gives out light and shines the environment when there is a power outage. But unlike the regular electric lamps in Nigeria, rechargeable lanterns in Nigeria have batteries that power them. 

To use a rechargeable lamp, you have to charge it first. The way you charge a rechargeable lamp depends on the kind of lamp you buy. If you are using a small one, you can simply insert the plug into the electric socket. 

You can also do the same for a large rechargeable lantern. But if you are using a rechargeable bulb, all you have to do is screw it into the lamp holder, and it will charge itself anytime there is light.  

How Long Does a Rechargeable Lamp Last?

Are you wondering how long you will enjoy your rechargeable lantern when you turn it on? Rechargeable lantern batteries offer longer battery life. On a single charge, a quality LED lantern in Nigeria can last several hours. You should expect to use your rechargeable lamp for up to 7 hours before it goes dim if you buy the original.  

Can I Use a Rechargeable Lamp while Charging?  

While using your rechargeable lantern while it is charging can be a good idea, there may be a risk. The battery of the lamp can wear off and impact the lifespan of the lantern. This means that if you continue using your rechargeable lantern while charging, it will get damaged quickly.

Types of Rechargeable Lamps in Nigeria

How Much Are Rechargeable Lamps in Nigeria?

There are different types of rechargeable lamps in Nigeria that you can buy. Note that the various brands sell different products and some products last longer than others. Common rechargeable lanterns you can get in Nigeria are Qasa rechargeable lamp, Lontor rechargeable lamp, Lonen rechargeable bulb, Retro rechargeable camping lantern, DP rechargeable LED light, etc. 

Prices of Rechargeable Lantern in Nigeria 

We have listed the prices of 10 different types of rechargeable lamps you can get in Nigeria below. Each product has different features and comes in various sizes. 

Rechargeable Lamps Price
Qasa rechargeable lantern with sola#4500
Qasa 360-degree rechargeable lantern#5000
Lontor indoor and outdoor rechargeable lantern#6000
DP rechargeable portable LED light#4500
DP rechargeable LED lamp#11000
Lontor rechargeable torch CTL-ELT111#4000
Rechargeable table lamp#3500
Qasa rechargeable solar lamp#4500
Rechargeable LED camping lantern#11000
DP LED mini fan and light#12000

Note that the price we mentioned above can change anytime due to the volatility of the Nigerian market. So, you should constantly check the price to know the latest. 

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