Prices of Electric Mosquito Killer Lamps in Nigeria

Are you tired of beating yourself over and over again just to kill mosquitoes? Mosquito infestation is common in most parts of Nigeria (if not all), making it difficult for homeowners to enjoy a quiet evening sitting outside, and enjoying the fresh air. The solution; get rid of mosquitoes before they get rid of you. There are several ways of getting rid of mosquitoes from your house. You can use mosquito killer spray, which contains harmful chemicals. Or, you can use an electronic mosquito killer light, which is a safer option. This article discusses the prices of electric mosquito killer lamps in Nigeria and their uses.

What Is an Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp?

An electronic mosquito killer light is a device that traps and kills insects – mosquitoes and bugs, with UV light. But UV light is not sufficient to trap and kill mosquitoes alone. For an electric mosquito killer lamp to be effective, it must emit Octenol or carbon dioxide. The reason? Humans breathe out carbon dioxide, which mosquitoes are attracted to when looking for prey. 

So, if a mosquito lamp emits Octenol, it mimics human breath and sweat, drawing mosquitoes until it zaps them. There are several types of electric mosquito killer lights in Nigeria that you can buy. And the effectiveness depends on the brand or make. While some mosquito lamps are effective, others are less effective in getting rid of insects. 

What to Consider When Buying Mosquitoes Killer Lamps in Nigeria 

When choosing a mosquito lamp, you have to consider where you will use it. While some are portable, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, others are not. Most mosquito lamps are powered by electric light, making them less effective when there is no light. 

The most common mosquito killer lamps in Nigeria are rechargeable. Rechargeable mosquito killer lights are easy to use because they are portable. You can place them anywhere in your house, even in your room. Aside from that, rechargeable mosquito killer lamps in Nigeria come at various prices that won’t break your pocket. 

This means that no matter your budget, you can always get an affordable mosquito lamp in Nigeria. Also, rechargeable mosquito lamps don’t need a constant electric power supply because you can easily charge them. They will last for up to six hours when fully charged. 

Price of Electric Mosquito Killer Lamps in Nigeria

Features of an Electronic Mosquito Killer Lamp in Nigeria 

Most electric mosquito killers are multifunctional. They function as a mosquito killer and can be used as LED lighting. This means that you get two in one when you buy an electric mosquito lamp in Nigeria. 

  • High efficiency and low power consumption.
  • Safe for human beings. No fear of chemical poisoning, smoke, or bad odor. 
  • Super quiet; does not disturb your sleep. 
  • Portable. Can be used indoors and outdoors. 
  • Anti-mosquito and night light. 

Prices of Electric Mosquitoes Killer Lamp in Nigeria 

The price of mosquito lamps in Nigeria varies, depending on the size and light intensity. 

Mosquito LampPrice
LED Trap Mosquito Killer Lamp 3000V Electric Bug₦ 9,500
Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Lamp And Night Light₦7,000
Light Anti-Mosquito / Flying Insects Killing Bulb₦8,000
Zapp Light Anti-Mosquito / Flying Insects Killing Bulb₦4,000
Mosquito Killer Lamp & Pest Control₦4,000
Zapp Light Mosquito Bulb₦3,000
Arizona Mosquito Killer Lamp₦4,000
Rechargeable Electric Mosquito Killer- Bat-Swatter₦ 7,000
Sonic 40-watt Electric Insect Killer for Mosquito Killer₦ 15,500
Electric Mosquito Killer 16 Watt₦ 13,000
Price of Electric Mosquito Killer Lamps in Nigeria

How Does Mosquitoes Killer Lamp Work?

Many mosquito traps have compact fluorescent or LED lighting that attracts insects. But since mosquitoes are not attracted to insects alone, a good mosquito light should have UV light that enhances the effect of heat and carbon dioxide in the lamp. So, when mosquitoes see the UV light from the lamp, they will fit it and enter the space between the mesh grids. This will in turn “shock” the mosquito, instantly vaporizing it. 


This article looks at the prices electric mosquito killer lamps in Nigeria. There are various mosquito lights, but the best are those that have a UV light, which effectively attracts mosquitoes. While some mosquito lamps in Nigeria are large, most are small and portable, making it possible for you to use them inside or outside your house. Most mosquito lights you will get in Nigeria are multipurpose. You can use them to zap mosquitoes and enjoy the bright light they emit at night. 

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