Prices of Electric Lamps in Nigeria

There are different types of electric lamps in Nigeria that homeowners can use for home improvement. The different varieties guarantee that you select the best electric lamp that is suitable for you. Homeowners can choose any type of lighting from chandelier lights to wall lights, LED lights, energy-saving lights, ceiling lights, display lights, and floodlights. Different types of lights in Nigeria mean different prices. This article considers the prices of electric lamps in Nigeria. After reading the article, you will know chandelier prices in Nigeria, floodlights prices in Nigeria, ceiling prices in Nigeria, and lots more.  

Prices of Chandelier in Nigeria

The price of a chandelier in Nigeria depends on the type you want to buy. But first, what is a chandelier? A chandelier is a light fixture that hangs from the ceiling of a house. It features multiple lamps, often in different tiers, and is used for ambient lighting. 

A simple way of defining a chandelier is a branched, multi-arm, decorative light fixture that is suspended from a ceiling and holds several bulbs. While most homeowners in Nigeria use chandeliers in their dining room or the grand foyer (the first room, usually large, you enter when you walk through the front door of a mansion), they can be used anywhere in a house. 

For example, you can fix a beautiful chandelier to the ceiling of your bedroom, living room, and patio. The advantages of adding a chandelier to your house are numerous. Chandeliers are symbols of elegance, opulence, and class. Aside from that, a chandelier will add beauty to your home interior. 

Cost of Chandeliers in Nigeria

Glass chandelier with pendant#40,000
Glass silver chandelier with pendant#73,000
Glass spiral chandelier with pendant#68,000
Glass chandelier with finish chrome pendant#123,000
Ceiling chandelier gold light#78,000

Prices of LED Ceiling Lights in Nigeria

Ceiling lights are hung from the ceiling of a house. They can be round or square and come with different light intensities. Ceiling lights range from the common light bulb to the modern LED ceiling lights. You can use ceiling lights anywhere in your house. Homeowners can install a ceiling light in their sitting room, bedroom, kitchen, and balcony. 

Cost of Ceiling Lights in Nigeria

Ceiling LightPrice
Screw bulb ceiling light#1,500
LED ceiling light#5,500
18w round LED ceiling light#4,400
24w round ceiling light#5,000
24w square ceiling light#5,000

Price of Energy Saving Bulb in Nigeria

You must have seen energy-saving bulbs in Nigeria, but what are they? Energy-saving bulbs or energy-efficient light bulbs are sources of artificial light that employ advanced technology to reduce the amount of electricity used to generate light. 

This kind of bulb can last up to 12 times longer than the traditional bulb and uses less electricity to emit the same amount of light as a traditional bulb. They were invented as a greener alternative to the traditional bulb, and they use 90% less electricity. When you use energy-saving bulbs, you reduce the carbon print of your home. 

Cost of Energy Saving Bulbs in Nigeria

Energy-saving bulbPrice
Philips E27 (screw) 11w energy-saving bulb#700
Philips Tornado E27 (screw) energy-saving bulb#1200
Osram B22 18w energy-saving bulb#1000
Osram B22 21w energy-saving bulb#1200
Osram E27(screw) 8w energy-saving bulb#650

Price of Wall Light in Nigeria

Prices of Electric Lamps in Nigeria

Are you searching for decorative wall lights in Nigeria? There are several options Nigerian homeowners can explore when doing home improvement using wall lights. For starters, wall lights are hung on the wall of a house. They come in different colors and shapes and are used for decorative purposes. 

Cost of Wall Light in Nigeria

Wall lightPrice
Antique glass funnel wall light#3,000
Half-moon wall light#1,500
Chrome glass cup wall light#3,500
Classic antique glass wall light#3,500
Classic square wall light#3,200

Price of Floodlight in Nigeria

Floodlights are powerful outdoor lamps that shine in a large area. 

Nexlite 100w floodlight#11,800
Nexlite 200w floodlight#45,000
Smart 20w LED floodlight#4,500
Smart 30w LED floodlight#5,200
Torch 50w LED floodlights#9,500

Price of LED Panel Light in Nigeria

LED lightPrice
24w square LED panel light#3,000
3w round LED light#750
6w round LED panel light#1,050
18w wall mount LED panel light#2,200
18w round LED panel light#1,800


The prices of electric lamps in Nigeria varies depending on the kind you want to buy. If you want a chandelier light, you should expect to spend between #30,000 to #100,000. Aside from that, you can get wall lamps, LED lights in Nigeria, and floodlights for your home improvement. 

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