What Are the Prices of Standing Fans in Nigeria?

Are you planning to buy an electric standing fan in Nigeria? There are several brands of standing fans available in the market that you can choose. This can make it difficult for you if you have no idea of the brand to choose. Aside from that, different brands mean different prices. So, if you are contemplating buying a standing fan in Nigeria, you should know the price before shopping for one. This article answers the question shoppers have been asking, which is – what are the prices of standing fans in Nigeria?

What Is a Standing Fan?

A standing fan, as we call it here in Nigeria, is also known as a pedestal fan. It is an electric, oscillating fan that operates with the help of a detachable stand that you can adjust to any height you desire. One notable feature of standing fans is that they are tall. 

A standing fan is similar to a normal table fan, but it is set on an extendable pole that is attached to the base. Pedestal fans usually have three adjustable speed settings and an on and off button set at “0”. 

Unlike a table fan that is placed on a table and a ceiling fan that is fixed to the ceiling, a standing fan is usually placed in one corner of the room when in use. The fan works by blowing air in the direction the blades face, and you can set it to rotate and blow air in any direction you want.  

Types of Standing Fan You Can Get in Nigeria

There are different types of standing fans you can get in the market. Also, there are different ways to classify standing fans. You can classify them based on the brand. Or, you can group standing fans with the sizes. 

Different Brands of Standing Fans You Can Get in Nigeria

One interesting thing about standing fans is that you can get what you want in Nigeria. If you love British products, you can buy a high-quality Philips standing fan. Also, if you love Binatone, you can purchase Binatone standing fans too. 

Aside from those brands we have mentioned, there are lots of standing fan brands in Nigeria you can select. Most homeowners prefer OX standing fans, while others prefer Century standing fans. 

And if you don’t want any of those brands, you can buy Qasa, Orl, Nexus, Dakota, Polystar standing fan, Black and Decker, Panasonic standing fan, Duravolt, etc. All these brands of standing fans we mentioned are available at an affordable price in Nigeria.

Different Sizes of Standing Fan

Another way to group standing fans in Nigeria is by looking at their sizes. There are different types of standing fan sizes you can get in the market. For example, you can buy a 16’ standing fan of any brand if you want one. Aside from that, you can buy an 18’ standing fan in Nigeria. A large size like the 26’ standing fan is perfect for a large room. 

What Affects the Price of Standing Fan in Nigeria?

What Are the Prices of Standing Fans in Nigeria?

We mentioned in the opening paragraph that the prices of standing fans in Nigeria vary when you go to the market. Two things affect the prices of pedestal fans. The brands and the size. 

If you want to purchase popular standing fans brands like Panasonic, Binatone, or Philips, you sure will spend money to get what you want. Less common standing fan brands are available at a fair price, so you should know that your taste can determine the amount you will pay. 

Aside from brands, the size of the fan can also affect the price. For example, Binatone 16’ standing fan is sold at a different price than the 18’. And if you want a 26’ Binatone standing fan, you should expect the price to be more than 16’ and 18’. 

Cost of Standing Fans in Nigeria

Standing FanPrice
18’ OX standing fan#12,000
Duravolt 17’ standing fan#11,000
Qasa 26’ standing fan#36,000
18’ Qasa rechargeable fan#35,000
16’ Polystar standing fan#12,000
20’ Orl industrial standing fan#47,000
32’ Black and Decker tower fan#30,000
18’ Panasonic standing fan#55,000
Century 18’ standing fan#15,000
18’ Duravolt rechargeable standing fan#32,000

Note that the prices of standing fans we mentioned above can change anytime due to the volatility of the Nigerian market. So, you should ensure that you check for the latest price of standing fans in Nigeria regularly.

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