How Much Are Chandeliers in Nigeria?

Are you planning to make a statement in your living room or bedroom with a chandelier? Adding a beautiful light fixture to your house can be a great way to increase its curb appeal. Aside from that, a chandelier will provide efficient lighting in your house in addition to home decoration. There are lots of chandelier styles and designs homeowners in Nigeria can use. But to enjoy the benefits of adding an attractive chandelier to your home, you have to buy it first. So, how much are chandeliers in Nigeria? Or, what is the price of a chandelier in Nigeria? This article answers those questions. 

What Is a Chandelier, and What Is It Used For?

A chandelier is a light fixture that hangs from the ceiling. Unlike regular electric lamps, a chandelier features multiple lights in multiple tiers that shine to create a bold statement where you hang it. While it is common for homeowners in Nigeria to hand a chandelier in their sitting room, it can be used in other places too. You can hang a beautiful chandelier in your bedroom, patio, or kitchen and create a bold statement in your bathroom with it. 

What Does a Chandelier Symbolize?

A chandelier symbolizes success, wealth, and high class. Do you want your house to stand out from your friends? Why not hang a beautiful chandelier and let your friends wow when they visit your house? And if you want class, you can take your home decor to the next stage with a chandelier. 

Is a Chandelier Good for the Living Room?

Hell yeah! You can use a chandelier in your living room or “parlor”. A chandelier will provide ambient light while adding a soft glow to the room. This is perfect because most chandeliers have a dimmer switch that lets you fail down the lighting when it is cozy. Where should a chandelier be placed in a living room? You can hang the light fixture in the center of your living room. Just ensure that it is not too close to the ground to the extent that your head can reach it. 

Where else Can I Hang a Chandelier in My House?

You can use a chandelier in your bathroom to create a bold style that functions to bring a huge veneer of flair. Homeowners can choose from mini chandeliers to crystal chandeliers in their bathroom to add an extra taste. Aside from that, Nigerian homeowners can hang a chandelier on their patio (balcony) and in a gazebo. And if you want something a little extra in your kitchen, a mini LED chandelier in Nigeria will do. 

How High Should a Chandelier be in My House?

If your living room has a high ceiling, you don’t have to worry much about the height of the chandelier from the ground. But if you have a low ceiling in your house, you should ensure that you don’t hang the chandelier too close to the ground. In general, you should hang your chandelier no lower than 30 inches to 36 inches. 

Types of Chandeliers You Can Get in Nigeria

How Much Are Chandeliers in Nigeria?

There are different types of chandeliers in Nigeria. These are just a few. 

  • Crystal Chandeliers.
  • Modern Chandeliers. 
  • LED Chandelier. 
  • Contemporary Chandeliers.
  • Drum Chandeliers. 
  • Mini Chandeliers. 
  • Sputnik Chandeliers. 
  • Waterfall Chandeliers.
  • Hybrid Chandeliers.

Prices of Chandeliers in Nigeria

Now, it is time to answer the question: how much are chandeliers in Nigeria?

Chandelier Price
Dropping chandelier light#45,000
Crystal metallic gold chandelier #130,000
Chandelier fan#80,000
LED chandelier #30,000
Nordic crystal chandelier light#55,000
Ceiling chandelier fan dropping light#100,000
Globe chandelier light#15,000
Chandelier dropping light Apple #45,000
LED chandelier dropping light#45,000
Modern crystal LED dropping chandelier light #150,000

Note that the prices of chandeliers in Nigeria we listed in this article can change anytime due to the volatility of the Nigerian market. So, ensure that you keep checking for the latest price. 

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