How Do You Install Artificial Grass in Nigeria?

Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular these days, thanks to improvements in modern home design in Nigeria. More than ever before, Nigerian homeowners can use artificial grass in Lagos or other parts of Nigeria. But to enjoy the benefits of artificial grass carpet, you have to install it in your backyard or front yard. How do you install artificial grass in Nigeria? This article explains how Nigerian homeowners can lay artificial turf in their homes. Also, it lists everything you need to lay synthetic turf successfully. 

Why You Need Artificial Grass In Nigeria

If you live in Lagos or other parts of Nigeria and want to landscape your property, you need artificial carpet grass. The reasons are not farfetched. Artificial turf provides a better flooring solution than natural carpet grass. This is because when you lay synthetic turf in your backyard, you don’t have to spend cash on hiring a gardener to maintain the grass. There is no need for Nigerian homeowners to wet their synthetic turf after installation. Also, treating artificial grass like real grass is not necessary. The beauty of artificial grass is another reason you require it in your home. Astro turf will increase the aesthetic of your property once installed. Unlike natural grass that will fade over time, the lush of artificial grass will remain all year round. 

What You Need to Install Artificial Grass in Nigeria

There are two ways homeowners can install artificial grass on their property. You lay the turf yourself if you have the skills. Note the “if”. Or, you can hire an installer to lay your synthetic turf on your property. The second option is the easiest, but hiring a turf installer to lay your grass will cost cash. You don’t have to hire an installer to lay your artificial grass in Nigeria if you have the skills. But if you don’t have the skills to install turf, we recommend calling an installer to do the job. If you decide to install artificial grass yourself, you will have to buy the grass from a supplier. Aside from that, you need gravel or crushed granite to use as your turf base. Also, you need sharp sand to lay on the crushed stone when installing artificial grass. Tools required to lay your artificial turf are a shovel, a compact stick, scissors, a wheelbarrow and tape. 

Installing Your Artificial Grass

Install Artificial Grass in Nigeria

Clear the Area

The area is where you want to install your artificial carpet grass in your compound. If you want to install the turf in your backyard, you have to remove any obstacle that can obstruct your grass. This means using a shovel to clear tree stumps or sweeping to remove leaves and twigs. If you have natural grass on the space, you can remove the old turf to prepare the ground for your synthetic turf. Ensure that the place is smooth so that when you install your artificial grass, there will be no bump. 

Pour Gravel or Crushed Stone

After clearing the place, you will install your artificial grass; you have to spread crushed stones to give it a solid foundation and create good drainage. The stones should be at least 30 mm high to provide a solid base. After spreading gravel where you will install the grass, you must compact the stone. This means using a mechanical roller to press the gravel into the ground. If you don’t have access to a roller, you can use compact wood to press the gravel into the ground. 

Pour Sharp Sand on the Place

After pouring crushed stones, you should pour sharp sand, and this will create a smooth base for your artificial grass carpet and assist in draining your grass when it rained. Like the crushed stones, you have to compact the sand to stick to the ground. 

Add Weed Membrane and lay Your Grass

After preparing the base for your grass, you can add a weed membrane to stop the weed from growing under your grass after installation. Then you should lay the grass carefully in your backyard or anywhere you want to install it. For a better aesthetic, you should ensure you seal the gaps between two layers of artificial grass and cut the grass neatly. Then you can spread sand on the edges of your synthetic grass. 


How do you install artificial grass in Nigeria? To install artificial turf in Nigeria, you have to purchase the turf, get all the tools, pour crushed stones and sharp sand to prepare the base and lay the grass. Or, you can hire a turf installer to do the job for you. 

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