What Are the Different Types of Artificial Grass in Nigeria?

Artificial grass is an outdoor landscaping material that Nigerian homeowners can landscape in their backyard. If you have a property in Nigeria, you can join the turf enthusiast and use artificial grass carpet for flooring your backyard. This grass provides a better flooring solution than natural grass. And since Nigerian homeowners don’t have to maintain their artificial turf like real grass, it helps them save money. But there are different types of artificial grass in Nigeria. So, before you install artificial turf in your property in Lagos or other places in Nigeria, you have to ensure that you select the best. This artificial explains the different types of artificial grass and their uses. 

Types of Artificial Grass Carpets You Will Find in Nigeria

Artificial turf can be classified based on its material composition and pile height. The material composition of artificial grass carpets refers to the raw materials used to make them. Nylon, polypropylene, and polyethene are three materials used to make synthetic grass.

A turf made with nylon is the strongest because it has the highest durability and resilience, but it is expensive. Artificial grass made with polypropylene and polyethene are also durable and affordable. 

This article does not focus on the material used to make artificial turf, but focuses on the pile height of the grass. The pile height of the artificial grass carpet is the blade length. You can know the pile height by using a ruler to measure the blade from the back of the grass to the top of the blades.

The height of artificial turf blades is measured in mm. There are several synthetic turf pile heights that you can get from a supplier in Nigeria. There is 10 mm artificial grass. Aside from that, there is 20 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm, 45 mm, and 60 mm artificial turf available in Nigeria. 

Why the Pile Height of Artificial Grass Matters

The pile height or blade height of artificial grass matters because it determines its use. If you have a property, let say, your home and use your backyard frequently, installing shorter blades artificial grass is the best option. Longer blades of artificial grass provide the looks of real turf and are perfect for places with low foot traffic.

Although the blades are resilient, installing them in commercial property and playgrounds is not the best option. Instead, you should install artificial grass with a long pile height in your garden or compound in Nigeria to add lush to the scene.

Types of Artificial Grass in Nigeria

Shorter Blades Artificial Grass – 10 to 25 mm

Artificial grass carpet with shorter blades is perfect for low-foot traffic places. Foot traffic means the number of times people walk on the place or the grass. If you use your backyard for parties or your kids or pets play in your backyard, it will have high foot traffic.

Aside from your home, commercial places have high foot traffic because people walk around frequently. You should purchase an artificial grass carpet with a pile height of 25 mm and below for places with high foot traffic. Shorter blade artificial turf has a neater look like natural carpet grass.

Medium Blade Artificial Grass 25 – 35 mm

Medium artificial turf has a longer blade length than shorter blades turf. This turf is aesthetically pleasing because it looks like trimmed natural grass installed in your backyard. Although artificial grass with a pile height of 25 to 35 mm is beautiful, it is not as easy to clean as shorter blades grass.

Aside from that, this turf is not the best solution for places with high foot traffic on your property. You can create a realistic garden with your synthetic turf with longer blades turf. 

Long Blades Artificial Grass 35 – 45 mm

If you love the lush look of real grass, you can install long blades of artificial grass in your home in Lagos or other parts of Nigeria. The lush and beautiful long blade grass will add to your home will make it perfect for any other activities.

Although this grass is resilient and won’t wear out quickly, it is still perfect for high foot traffic areas but not the best option. You can use long blade turf to give your garden a realistic look of a real lawn. 


What are the different types of artificial grass in Nigeria? There are different kinds of artificial turf in Nigeria based on the pile height. You can install shorter blades artificial turf or longer blade grass on your property. 

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