How Do I Choose the Best Artificial Grass in Nigeria?

Choosing the best artificial grass carpet can be difficult if you are new to landscaping your property with the turf. Also, Nigerian homeowners with no idea of the different grades and texture of artificial turf will find it hard to select the right one for their backyard. If you struggle to choose the best artificial grass in Nigeria, this article provides tips to assist you. It explains the different grass textures available and their uses. Also, it explains where Nigerian homeowners can install artificial grass carpets on their property.   

What to Consider When Choosing Artificial Grass in Nigeria

When choosing artificial grass in Nigeria, you must consider the texture, color and pile height. Another thing Nigerian homeowners should consider is the environment they will install the grass. If there are other outdoor flooring materials, it can affect the type of grass they select. How often you use the place you want to install the grass matters. If you frequently use the space for your outdoor activities, it will affect the kind of grass you select. 

Consider How You Will Use the Grass

How will you use the artificial carpet grass after installing it? Do you plan to relax on your lawn every day? Or, do you have lots of outdoor fun activities and use your artificial turf for them? If you plan outdoor parties frequently, it will affect the kind of artificial turf you will install. Commercial settings in Nigeria can use artificial grass, but since commercial settings have heavy foot traffic, the kind of grass to choose will be different from an area with less foot traffic. If you have kids and they play in your garden frequently, then the best artificial grass to select must be able to resist heavy foot traffic. Having pets on your property means that they will play on your artificial grass carpet. So, you have to be careful to select the right turf suitable for pets.  

Consider the Artificial Turf Texture and Pile Height

The texture and pile height of artificial grass carpet matter. Nigerian homeowners must consider the texture and blade height of the grass they select before purchasing one. There are different synthetic turf pile heights, and each grass pile height is suitable for different uses. There Is the 10 mm artificial carpet grass with shorter blades, which makes it look like natural carpet grass. A 10 mm artificial turf is perfect for any place that has heavy foot traffic. If you use your garden for outdoor parties frequently, you can install synthetic grass. 

Best Artificial Grass in Nigeria

Football fields and tennis courts are places that have high foot traffic. The best artificial grass carpet to use in any football field or tennis court is a 10 mm grass with shorter blades. Other artificial turf pile heights are 25 mm, 35 mm and 45 mm. Those grasses have a longer blade length and are useful for low-foot traffic places. You can use artificial turf with long blades in your garden, home interior and office decoration. The blades of our turf are soft and provide the best surface for your outdoor relaxation. This will give your backyard, or anywhere you installed it, the lush look of real grass.   

Consider the Environment You Want to Install the Turf

Where you will install artificial grass in your Nigerian home matters. If you want to combine the grass with other outdoor flooring materials like decking or concurrent paving, you should select a colour that matches it. Since the common colour of artificial grass is green, you can create a theme with our green synthetic turf.  

Where Nigerian Homeowners Can Use Artificial Grass Carpet

Nigerian homeowners can use artificial turf in all parts of their homes. Do you want to landscape your backyard and front yard? Synthetic turf is the right solution. Your children’s playground can use artificial turf, which will provide the right surface for their outdoor fun activities. But it would help if you considered the texture of the turf you will install to choose the best artificial grass for your property. Shorter blades are perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic, while longer turf pile height gives your property a lush look. 


How do I choose the best artificial grass in Nigeria? To select the best synthetic turf, you have to consider the texture of the grass and the area you will install it. Shorter grass is perfect for places with heavy foot traffic, while longer grass is perfect for areas with low traffic. 

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