How Much Is Artificial Grass in Nigeria?

Artificial grass is becoming popular in Nigeria, thanks to improved home decorations. You can install artificial grass carpets on your property if you live in Nigeria. It is the perfect outdoor flooring solution for Nigerian homes, and it will increase the curb appeal of your property. But installing artificial turf in Nigeria costs money. How much Naija homeowners will spend to lay the synthetic grass on their property depends on the grass’s size and grade. This article answers the question, how much is artificial grass in Nigeria?

What Is Artificial Grass Price in Nigeria?

Are you planning to install artificial grass carpets on your property? Then you have made the right choice. Nigerian homeowners are making the best decision to convert their old outdoor space into a beautiful one with synthetic grass. But to enjoy the benefits of artificial grass in Naija, you need money to buy it. Like other home decoration materials in Nigeria, the amount you will spend to install artificial turf depends on the size of your backyard and the grade you select. Most artificial grass suppliers like Shopsavis Artificial Grass sell their turf in square metres. 

So, if you plan to install synthetic grass in a space that is 1 square meter, you will likely spend 3200 Naira for a 10 mm grass. Did you notice the 10 mm in the preceding sentence? That is the length of the artificial grass blades. The length of the artificial grass blade affects the price. If you buy artificial grass with short blades in Nigeria, you won’t spend much. But artificial turf with longer blade length cost more than shorter blades. For example, in Nigeria, 10 mm artificial grass costs 4200 Naira per square metres, while 20 mm grass costs 5500 Naira per square metres. 

The most expensive is 50 mm grass which costs 10500 Naira to buy in Nigeria. So, you can see that the grade of the grass affects the price. Another thing that affects artificial grass price in Nigeria is the size of the place you want to install the turf. If you have a large backyard garden and want to floor it with artificial grass, you will spend more than someone with a small property. To install artificial grass in a 50 square meters compound in Nigeria, you will spend 210000 Naira if you select 10 mm grass. The larger the space you want to install the grass, the more money you will spend.

Is Artificial Grass Worth the Money in Nigeria?

If you are a Nigerian homeowner that values a beautiful backyard or landscape, you won’t bother about the price of artificial turf. But you still get to spend money to install artificial grass in Nigeria. And you will want to justify why spending thousands of Naira on artificial turf in Nigeria is worth it. Let’s start with the lifespan of artificial grass carpets. Synthetic turf is not something you will install today and replace tomorrow. 

That is why laying artificial grass in Nigeria is a good investment. Also, artificial grass carpets will last for a long time. The warranty on the turf is up to 10 years after you have installed it in your Nigerian home. This means that Nigerian homeowners will enjoy the grass for a long time. The texture of artificial grass is perfect to resist the weather of Naija. Synthetic grass can resist hot weather, cold weather and heavy rain. When installing artificial grass in your home, you won’t find mud after rain. 

How Much Is Artificial Grass in Nigeria?

Other Advantages of Artificial Grass Carpet in Nigeria

Synthetic Turf Is Attractive

Another advantage of artificial grass that makes it worth the money in Naija is that it will increase the aesthetic of your property. The green lush of artificial grass carpet will make your outdoor and indoor space beautiful. And if you want to create a theme in your backyard, you can use artificial grass. The colour of artificial turf is resistant to the Naija sun, and this means that when you install the grass in your backyard, the colour will not fade. 

Artificial Grass Carpet Is Built to Last Long

Do you want an outdoor landscaping material that will last long in Nigeria? Artificial grass is the right landscaping material for any backyard, and the texture is built to last long, resisting wear and tears. Also, synthetic turf will resist heavy foot traffic. 


How much is artificial grass in Nigeria? The price of artificial grass depends on the size of your backyard and the grade you select. A 10 mm grass cost 4200 per square meter to install in Nigeria. 

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