Is Artificial Grass Worth the Money in Nigeria?

Do you have a large property in Nigeria that needs landscaping? There are different materials property developers can use to landscape their backyard. Concrete flooring is one type of outdoor flooring material you can use on your property. Aside from that, property developers can use artificial grass for outdoor landscaping. In fact, most Nigerian homeowners are waking up to the benefits of using artificial turf to make their property attractive. But to install artificial grass, you have to spend money. The amount property developers will spend to install artificial grass depends on how large your backyard is. But it is in the range of 200000 to 350000 naira, which is a lot of money. So, is artificial grass worth the money in Nigeria? 

What Is Artificial Grass Price in Nigeria?

Artificial grass price varies according to the size and texture of the turf you want to purchase. If you desire to install artificial turf in a large portion of your backyard, you will spend between 200000 and 350000 naira depending on the texture. Most artificial grass suppliers in Nigeria will sell at a reduced price when you buy from them. If you plan to lay synthetic turf on a small part of your house, you can get that of 50000 naira. A 10 mm artificial grass cost about 100000 naira, while a 10 mm premium cost 150000 naira. Also, 25 and 35 mm artificial grass cost 225000 and 260 naira.

To know how much you will spend on installing artificial grass, you have to calculate the length and breadth of the area. After, you should convert the result into square feet or meters. Synthetic grass suppliers sell their grass in square meters; measuring your backyard and converting the result will help. If the area you will install the grass is 250 square feet, you can purchase 250 square meters of large grass. When calculating his much to spend on artificial grass, you should add the amount you will pay to hire an installer. Except you know how to install your astroturf, you should hire an installer to do it for you. 

Why Is Artificial Grass Worth the Money?

We mentioned 200000 and 350000 in the previous section, which is the amount you might spend to install your grass. That is a lot of money to spend on outdoor flooring. But if you want good outdoor flooring for your backyard, you should be ready to spend much. Most homeowners that selected concrete paving for their outdoor flooring will also spend much to install it. Concrete pavings, although expensive, will last longer. There is no doubt about how long concrete paving will last. But what about artificial grass? Let’s consider the benefits of artificial grass to know why it is worth the money in Nigeria. 

Artificial Grass Will Add Beauty to Your Property

artificial grass turf in nigeria

Artificial grass is the right choice if you want an outdoor flooring material that will add beauty to your home. This is because artificial turf has an attractive green colour that stands beautiful after installing it for a long time. Aside from the surface colour, artificial grass texture matters. Suppose you want a smooth turf that will make your landscape attractive, use synthetic grass. The blades are even and do not require trimming like real grass. Unlike real grass that have patches or dry spots, artificial grass is green all through. The beauty of artificial turf makes it a better backyard and front yard landscaping option than concrete. This is one reason artificial grass is worth the money in Nigeria. 

Artificial Grass Is Durable

Are you wondering if artificial grass will last as long as concrete flooring? Synthetic grass will last as long as concrete paving and even longer. Depending on the grade of artificial turf you buy, it will resist weather and wear. And if you want a turf that will withstand foot pressure, you can try astroturf. Astroturf or artificial turf has thick blade textures that will withstand lots of foot traffic. This means you can walk or have a party on your artificial grass without fearing that it will get damaged. Also, your kids can play on your astroturf, and it will not get damaged. 

Artificial Grass Need Little Maintenance

Unlike natural turf, artificial grass does not need trimming, watering and mowing with a lawnmower. Also, Nigerian homeowners don’t have to treat their synthetic grass with chemicals. 


Is artificial grass worth the money in Nigeria? Yes, installing artificial grass is worth every naira you spend on it. Astroturf is attractive, durable and easy to maintain. 

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