Where Can I Buy Astro Turf in Nigeria?

Are you searching for the best outdoor flooring material in Nigeria? Your backyard could use astro turf to make it lively. The best outdoor flooring material Nigerian homeowners can use is artificial grass. Synthetic grass is perfect for front yard and backyard flooring, home interior design, and football field. Nigerians can now use astro turf on their football field. There are several places you can purchase astro turf in Nigeria. You can shoot online via the Shopsavis Artificial Grass website. But how do homeowners know what to look for when buying astro turf in Nigeria? This article provides information about astro turf and when you can buy it in Nigeria.  

What Is Astro Turf?

Astro turf is an outdoor flooring material Nigerian homeowners can use in their homes. This material is synthetic and is the same as the regular artificial turf you can find in the market. Astro turf is a type of artificial grass developed in the 1960s, providing better flooring for a football field in place of real grass. While artificial turf is the umbrella name for all synthetic grass made to replace natural grass. Since the astro turf brand has gained popularity over the years, homeowners refer to all types of synthetic grass as astro turf.  

Where Can I Buy Artificial Turf in Nigeria?

There are several suppliers of astro turf in Nigeria. You will find artificial grass suppliers in Lagos that are ready to sell in large quantities. If you decide to purchase artificial grass, you can easily search online to find a supplier near you. Shopsavis Artificial Grass is an artificial turf seller located in Nigeria. Your location doesn’t matter when you buy astro turf from Shopsavis because they ship everywhere in Nigeria. 

How Do I Choose the Best Astro Turf in Nigeria?

If you desire the best artificial grass for your garden landscaping, you have to consider the turf’s texture and thickness. There is artificial grass made from garden flooring. This kind of turf has long blades and is flexible. They are perfect for backyard activities like sitting and partying. If you have kids and your kids use the grass regularly, the best artificial turf to install is one that has short blades. This kind of grass is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. That is why the blades will not bend easily. 

Aside from that, artificial turf with short blades is also easy to walk on. Another place you can use artificial grass in Nigeria is on a football field. The best artificial turf for a football field is one that has short blades that will not bend quickly. Astro turf is the best football grass you can use to landscape a field, and it will last longer. So, the location you want to install the grass determine the kind of turf you will choose. Heavy traffic areas require short blade synthetic turf, while low traffic areas require long blades turf.

What Are the Benefits of Astro Turf?

astro turf in Nigeria

Installing astro turf in your backyard has lots of benefits. Do you want a beautiful backyard garden that will add value to your Nigerian home? Or, do you want a space for your outdoor relaxation activities? Artificial grass can beautify your garden and provide a space for your activities. 

Astro Turf Will Last Longer than Natural Grass

One advantage of artificial turf is that it will last longer than real grass. The average lifespan of astro turf is about ten years. This means that when Nigerian homeowners install synthetic turf in their backyard, they will use it for ten years with less maintenance. Isn’t that great! 

No Cutting, Mowing or Replanting Artificial Grass

Real grass must be maintained to make it look good. And this means cutting or trimming the blades with a lawnmower. Aside from that, Nigerian homeowners must wet their natural grass to make it grow and look green. All these grass maintenances cost cash and consume time. But when Nigerian homeowners install astro turf, they won’t mow the grass. Also, they won’t water the turf because it will remain green even when the environment is dry. The beautiful colour of astro turf will not fade under the sun. This makes it add value to your property after installing it. 


Where can I buy astro turf in Nigeria? You can get artificial grass from a trusted supplier like Shopsavis when you search online. The kind of artificial turf you choose depends on the location you want to install it. Heavy traffic areas require short blades turf, while low traffic areas require long blades as turf. 

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