What Are the Benefits of Artificial Grass Carpet in Nigeria?

Artificial grass has become increasingly popular since it was invented in the 1960s to replace carpet grass. Nigerian homeowners and property developers are catching on with artificial turf for their exterior home decoration. If you have a backyard that needs a redesign, artificial grass is the perfect solution. But few homeowners in Nigeria know the benefits of artificial turf. This post explains the benefits of artificial grass carpet in Nigeria. It also explains why Nigerian homeowners should use synthetic grass for their backyard landscaping. 

What Is Artificial Grass? 

Artificial grass is a synthetic material developed to replace real grass. This means that artificial turf will add beauty to your property and provide a soft surface for your outdoor activities. Synthetic turf is made from plastic in a factory where colour and UV inhibitors are added to the materials to make it look attractive. 

Can I Use Artificial Grass in Nigeria?

If you live in Nigeria, you can install artificial grass carpet in your backyard, front yard or your home and office interior. Property developers in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria are using artificial turf for their garden landscaping. This marks the beginning of the modern garden in Nigeria. If you dwell in Nigeria, you can use artificial grass on your property. The turf is easy to install and easy to maintain. Besides, the cost of installing artificial grass is equal to flooring your compound with concrete. And artificial grass adds more value to your property than natural grass. 

What Are the Benefits of Artificial Grass?

If you wonder why you use artificial grass to landscape your garden, you should consider the benefits to help you make your mind. 

Artificial Grass Is Attractive

One benefit of using artificial grass in Nigeria is that it is attractive. What it means is that artificial grass carpet will increase the curb appeal of your property. Whether you installed it in your front yard or your backyard, synthetic grass will change the appearance of your property. Aside from that, you can combine artificial grass carpets with other outdoor flooring materials like decking or concrete paving. This will further increase the beauty of your property. 

Benefits of Artificial Grass Carpet in Nigeria

Artificial Grass Is Easy to Maintain

Nigerian homeowners will build a house, install quality materials and expect it to last long. Yes, every homeowner will want quality materials that offer value for the money they spent on it. Artificial grass carpet is one material that, when installed, will last longer, with little maintenance. Synthetic turf needs less maintenance, unlike natural carpet grass that must be watered, mowed with a lawnmower and trimmed to make it attractive. The maintenance you will give your artificial grass is easy; remove leaves and twigs that drop on the surface. Easy, it is like cleaning other structures in your home. 

Synthetic Turf Will Last Long

The issue with natural grass is that it won’t last long. This is because the turf will wither when the weather is dry. Also, grass disease can destroy synthetic grass and make it unusable. But when you install artificial grass carpet on your property, you can expect to use it for a long time. Nigerian homeowners should expect to use their artificial turf for at least ten years after installing it. 

Artificial Turf Will not Wither

Another benefit of artificial grass carpet in Nigeria is that it will not wither like real grass. A grass will wither when there is less water in the soil or when there is heavy foot traffic. Since artificial turf does not need watering like natural turf, it will not wither. Synthetic turf has a high textile strength, which is why it will resist heavy foot traffic. This means that Nigerian homeowners can install artificial grass in their backyard, kid playground and commercial settings. It will not form brown patches when people walk on it. 

Artificial Grass Is Easy to Install

Installing artificial grass in Nigeria is easy. Just prepare the ground and lay your turf. There is no need for Nigerian homeowners to build a special foundation for their artificial grass carpet before they install it. Also, you can lay artificial carpet grass on any surface in your front yard and backyard. 


What are the benefits of artificial grass carpet in Nigeria? Nigerian homeowners will find installing artificial turf the best option because it is easy to install, easy to maintain, beautiful, long-lasting, and will not wither because of heavy traffic. 

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