Are Astro Turf and Artificial Grass the Same?

Have you heard people talking about artificial grass and astro turf in Nigeria? If you have, you might be confused because Nigerian homeowners sometimes refer to them as the same products. Is artificial grass the same as astro turf? This article explains the difference between artificial grass carpets and astro turf, and it also explains why Nigerian property developers sometimes refer to all synthetic grass as astroturf. 

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What Is AstroTurf? 

Astroturf refers to an American company that started making artificial turf for football fields and other sport surfaces in the 1960s. It is one of the pioneers of artificial grass, producing turf to be used in soccer fields and other sports centres. At that early time in the development of synthetic grass, astro turf provided an easy solution for outdoor landscaping in football fields and homes. 

What Is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is an outdoor landscaping material used by homeowners to floor their home interior and exterior. The purpose of developing artificial turf is to replace natural grass and provide an easy maintenance solution for your lawn. This means that artificial grass is a synthetic material that does not need watering and chemicals to last longer. Now that we know what synthetic grass is let’s compare it with astro turf. 

Difference between AstroTurf and Artificial Grass

Astroturf is a brand that produces synthetic grass used to landscape football fields and other sport centers. At the same time, artificial grass is an umbrella term that refers to all synthetic turf used for outdoor and indoor landscaping. The Astroturf brand still exists today as a unique maker of synthetic turf. There are a lot of synthetic turf carpets makers that produce beautiful turf for outdoor and indoor flooring. Although AstroTurf refers to a brand of synthetic grass, Nigerian homeowners still refer to all artificial grass as AstroTurf. They got the name from the material used to landscape football fields, and hence refer to all types of synthetic grass carpets as AstroTurf.  

The similarities between Artificial Grass and AstroTurf

Now that you know that the difference between artificial grass carpet and Astroturf is the name, you should know the similarities. Nigerian homeowners want an outdoor flooring material to replace their natural carpet grass, and Astro turf and synthetic grass provide the solution. In fact, Astro Turf is the same as artificial grass carpets when you look at them from a functional perspective. They both provide a long-lasting outdoor flooring solution when you install them in your backyard. Although you might not find the real Astro Turf brand in Nigeria, other brands are better than the first brand. Astro turf is the same as artificial carpet grass; that is why when you ask a synthetic grass supplier for astro turf, you will get artificial turf. 

Astro Turf and Artificial Grass

Benefits of Astro Turf

Are you planning to install astro turf in your home in Lagos or other parts of Nigeria? If you are, you want to know the benefits before you purchase the turf.   

Astro Turf Is Easy to Maintain

One benefit of astroturf is that it is easy to maintain when you install it in your backyard or front yard. This makes it possible for Nigerian homeowners that install astroturf to save time when maintaining the grass—no need to spray the surface of your astroturf with chemicals to prevent disease after installing it. Also, there is no need for Nigerian homeowners to mow the blades of astroturf with a lawnmower.  

Astro Turf Is Aesthetically Pleasing

Another benefit of astro turf is that it is also aesthetically pleasing. The lush green of the grass will make your backyard, front yard or home interior attractive after you have installed it. Aside from that, Nigerian homeowners can create an attractive theme with astro turf. Since astro turf or synthetic grass is beautiful, you can use it to increase the value of your property in Nigeria. 

Artificial Grass Is Long-lasting

Another benefit of artificial grass or astro turf is that it is long-lasting, and it is unlike natural grass that needs chemicals and fertilizers to grow. Astro turf will last for 10 years with replanting and with less maintenance. This means that Nigerian homeowners will enjoy their synthetic grass for as long as they want. 


Are Astro Turf and artificial grass the same? From a functional perspective, astro turf is the same as artificial grass because they are both synthetic. But if you consider the make, Astro turf refers to a brand of artificial grass that started back in the 1960s. But Nigerian homeowners sometimes refer to astro turf as artificial grass, which is not bad. 

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