What Type of Astro Turf Is Best for My Home?

Are you planning to landscape your property with the best material available? Homeowners are in a rush to install artificial grass carpets in their backyard, front yards, or home interior. If you want to join the rush, you need to know the best astro turf to install in your Nigerian home. This article discusses what type of astro turf is best for a Nigerian home. It examines the properties of artificial grass and presents to homeowners how to select the best to landscape their properties. 

What Is Astro Turf?

Astro turf is the same as artificial grass. It is a synthetic outdoor and indoor flooring material that replaces natural carpet grass and rug. The name Astro Turf belongs to a brand that produces artificial grass carpets. The firm was created in the 1960s in the USA and produces quality synthetic turf used on football fields. But since then, different artificial grass makers have sprung up and have produced different grades of synthetic turf. Nigerian homeowners still refer to all kinds of artificial grass as astro turf, so when you hear people talking about astro turf in Nigeria, you should understand that they are talking about synthetic turf. 

Types of Artificial Grass You Can Get In Nigeria

Now that you know that astro turf refers to artificial grass, we can proceed to the types that are available. Homeowners can get synthetic turf of different pile heights. The pile height of a turf refers to the length of the blades. Aside from the blade length, artificial grass has different colors that match different environments. The texture and thickness of the backing vary according to the makers of synthetic turf. So, depending on where you want to use the turf, you have to select the texture well. 

Astro Turf Pile Height

There are several kinds of astro turf pile height available in Nigeria. You can get 10 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm and 45 mm turf from a grass supplier. Note the blade’s height when selecting your artificial grass carpet in Nigeria. Shorter blades of grass were perfect for places that had heavy foot traffic. What this means is that if you use your garden for sport, or you have kids that play on your lawn, you should select short blades of grass. If you want your synthetic lawn to have a realistic look of real grass, a longer blade length of 35 mm and above is the best. 

Synthetic Turf Color

Astro turf comes in different colors. But the most common artificial grass color in Nigeria is green. When buying astro turf in Lagos or other parts of Nigeria, you can select between light green and dark green synthetic grass. While light green artificial grass looks like carpet grass, dark green gives you the look of real grass after installation.  Aside from green, you can get blue artificial grass from a supplier in Nigeria. While blue may not be perfect for the outdoors, homeowners can use blue artificial turf in their home interior. 

Artificial Grass Texture and Backing

The texture of artificial turf matters when selecting the best for your gardens. Some synthetic turfs have thick blades made to resist pressure when you walk on them. The backing of your artificial grass also matters. Artificial grasses with thick backing are best for places with rough surfaces, although they are expensive. When you lay them on your lawn, the thick backing will make walking on it a smooth experience. 

Selecting the Best Astro Turf in Your Home 

What Type of Astro Turf Is Best for My Home?

You can install astro turf in your home interior or exterior. If you have a lawn, artificial grass is the best material to use to landscape it. Also, Nigerian homeowners can use artificial grass in their home interior. Your children’s playroom or sitting room can use synthetic grass. To enjoy the benefit of your artificial turf, you have to select the best. When choosing artificial grass, you should consider if the place you will install it will be used for sport or decorations. If your kids play outdoors or you regularly have your outdoor activities on your lawn, the best grass to install is a turf with a short pile height. First, short artificial grass blades are easy to clean and will resist heavy foot traffic. Longer blades are best if you want your lawn to look like natural grass. Artificial grass color will not fade quickly, so you can select any color you prefer. 


What type of astro turf is best for my home? The best artificial grass for your lawn is one that meets your needs. Places with high foot traffic can use short pile height turf, while longer pile heights are perfect if you want the looks of real grass.

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