Can I Landscape My Backyard with Astro Turf?

Yes, you can landscape your backyard with astro turf or artificial grass if you live in Nigeria. Astro turf is one of the best materials homeowners can use to floor their compound. The turf is soft to walk on, and it is durable, offering value for the money. There are many other advantages to landscaping your backyard with astro turf. Nigerian homeowners will get a turf that is easy to maintain when they floor their compound with synthetic turf. So, can I landscape my backyard with astro turf? Let’s find the answer. 

What Is Astro Turf?

Astro turf is a brand that produces artificial grass to be used on football fields and sports centers. Ever since the brand began production in the 1960s, it has grown to most parts of the world. Today, other brands of artificial turf exist, producing finer grass to be used in homes. Although there are several brands of synthetic turf on the market, most people in Nigeria still refer to all artificial grass as astro turf. 

Can You Floor Your Compound with Astro Turf?

If you wonder if you can floor your property with artificial grass, you can. Lagos property developers and homeowners can use astro turf in the backyard of their homes. And if you live in other parts of Nigeria, you can install artificial grass in your house. Most Nigerian homeowners want to know if astro turf or artificial grass will last long. This is because Nigerian homeowners are used to flooring their property with concrete slabs. 

They consider concrete slabs or paving as a durable material that will last longer under any weather conditions. But astro turf, will it last longer under the Nigerian weather? The answer to that inquiry is yes. Astro turf will last longer than most flooring materials that you can use in Nigeria. The materials used to make artificial grass or astro turf are durable and stand the chance of surviving any weather. That is why astro turf is perfect for a backyard or garden landscaping in Nigeria.  

Advantages of Using Astro Turf in Your Home

To help you understand why Nigerian homeowners are using artificial grass in their homes, let’s consider the advantages. 

Artificial Grass Is Easy to Maintain

Can I Landscape My Backyard with Astro Turf?

One advantage of installing artificial turf in your home is that you can easily maintain it. To understand what this means, let’s consider natural carpet grass maintenance. If you plant natural carpet grass in your Nigerian home, you have to wet it regularly to make it grow. And this means spraying gallons of water on your lawn every day. If you have a big lawn, you have to waste tons of water to maintain your carpet grass. Aside from watering your carpet grass, Nigerian homeowners must also trim the blades to make them attractive. 

This means spending hours of your precious time mowing your grass with a lawnmower. Natural lawns might need chemicals to prevent diseases and keep them growing. But when you install astro turf in your backyard in Lagos or other parts of Nigeria, you will spend less time caring for it. This means you won’t have to mow your grass to make it look good because it always looks good. Also, you won’t waste water on your synthetic turf because it doesn’t need water for survival.  

Astro Turf Is Durable

Durable material can resist damage and last longer. Astro turf is made tough and will resist foot traffic and the damaging effect of the hot weather. Artificial grass made with nylon is the strongest; although it is more expensive, it offers the best durability. The turf will resist the sun’s UV rays, which makes it possible for Nigerian homeowners to enjoy the beautiful surface texture of artificial grass for a long time. Rain, heat, and cold will not damage artificial grass when you install it on your property. 

Synthetic Turf Is Attractive

Another reason to landscape your backyard with artificial grass in Nigeria is that the turf is attractive. Nothing can compare to the beauty artificial turf adds to a compound. Homeowners can create a beautiful theme with artificial grass installed in their garden. The first generation astro turf doesn’t look much like real grass, but newer generation artificial grass looks like real grass. If you desire a lawn with realistic looks, you can install longer artificial grass blades in your garden.


Can I landscape my backyard with astro turf? Nigerian homeowners can landscape their backyard, front yard, and other parts of their property with artificial grass carpets. This material is the best to use in a home because it is attractive, durable, and easy to maintain. 

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