How Do I Maintain Astro Turf in Nigeria?

Thanks to modern gardening, Nigerian homeowners can get high-quality materials to use on their lawns. One material you can install on your lawn is artificial carpet grass. This landscaping solution allows Nigerian homeowners to make their property attractive. Since artificial grass was created, it has replaced natural carpet grass. The appearance of the turf is superb, and it doesn’t look “fake” as some people might think. But to keep your artificial lawn looking good, you must maintain it properly. So, how do I maintain astro turf in Nigeria? 

What Is Artificial Grass? 

Astro turf or artificial grass is an outdoor and indoor flooring material Nigerian homeowners can use in their lawn or home interior. This turf provides the right solution for homeowners that want a lawn that requires less maintenance or upkeep. Aside from that, artificial grass provided a soft surface for you and your family to walk on. Once installed in your Nigerian home, synthetic turf will increase the curb appeal. 

What Is Astro Turf Maintenance?

Astro turf is the same as artificial grass. Although astroturf is a brand that produces artificial turf, Nigerian homeowners still refer to all kinds of synthetic grass as astroturf. Maintaining astro turf is the same as maintaining artificial grass. This process involves keeping your grass surface free of dirt, water and pet poop or pee. But why maintain artificial grass when the selling point is low maintenance? Synthetic turf is like every other household material that needs cleaning or dusting now and then. Think of your household furniture. You must clean it regularly to remove dust or stains. If you don’t, it will not reflect well on you. Artificial grass or astro turf requires low maintenance, which is a good selling point. We will discuss the difference between maintaining real grass and artificial grass. Astro turf needs cleaning now and then to keep the surface attractive. Maintaining your artificial grass will increase the lifespan and make it perfect for your outdoor activities.

Difference between Artificial Grass Maintenance and Natural Grass

If you have natural carpet grass installed in your garden, you will know how difficult it is to maintain it. Nigerian homeowners that install carpet grass must spray it with water to make it grow. Aside from that, treating carpet grass is necessary to prevent disease. And if your carpet grass is overgrown, you have to use a lawnmower to trim the blades. Nigerian homeowners that plant carpet grass will know that the maintenance process is not as easy as described. You will spend hours maintaining your carpet grass. This is minus the cash you will spend to purchase the chemicals to spray the grass or hire a gardener. But did you know that when you install astro turf or artificial grass in your Nigerian home that you don’t have to hire a gardener? That is one benefit of installing artificial carpet grass on your lawn. Aside from that, there is no need to spray artificial carpet grass with chemicals or wet it with water. 

How Do I Maintain Astro Turf in Nigeria?

How to Maintain Your Astro Turf

The way you maintain astro turf is easy, depending on the kind of dirt you want to remove. Common dirts to remove from your artificial grass are leaves, paper waste, waste plastic bags, pet poop or pee and leftover food. To remove leaves from your artificial grass surface, you can use a broom to sweep it. Some homeowners will use a brush on the surface of their turf. While this is perfect for removing leaves, it can be laborious. Use a broom to sweep your artificial grass surface. You can do the same to remove waste paper and plastic bags from your synthetic lawn surface. If you have dogs or cats on your property, they will surely poop and pee on your lawn. Artificial grass is unlike real grass that will develop mold when pets poop on the surface. But to keep your lawn clean and prevent odour buildup, you have to remove pet poop immediately. For pet pee, you can spray the spot with water to rinse your grass and prevent odour buildup. Other ways of maintaining your artificial grass are ensuring that it is well-drained after rain and brushing the blades regularly. 


How do I maintain astro turf in Nigeria? To maintain an artificial grass carpet, you must remove leaves, waste paper and plastic bags from the surface. Aside from that, remove pet poop and spray pee with water.

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