What Is Astro Turf Price Per Square Meter in Nigeria?

Installing artificial grass in your home is a wise decision if you want a lawn that is easy to maintain. This is because astro turf has lots of benefits that make it valuable. From easy maintenance to aesthetic value and durability, artificial grass carpets provide the best outdoor flooring solution for homeowners in Nigeria. To reap the benefits of artificial grass, you must install it in your home. So, what is astro turf price per square meter in Nigeria? This article explains how artificial grass suppliers in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria sell their products. 

What Is Artificial Grass?

Synthetic grass or astro turf, as it is widely known, is an outdoor flooring material used to landscape both the interior and exterior of a home. This grass is made from nylon or polyethylene and processed in a factory where UV inhibitors and colors are added to the materials. After, the materials are heated and extruded to form the artificial grass we use to landscape our property.  

Where Can You Buy Astro Turf in Nigeria?

If you are a homeowner in Nigeria and you want to landscape your property, you can use artificial carpet grass for the project. There are several suppliers of astro turf in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria that you can buy from. But to make installing the turf easy for you, you have to buy your artificial grass from a trusted supplier.

Before paying for your artificial grass, you should ensure that it has a long lifespan. Aside from that, the turf you purchase must have a guarantee that it will last longer when you install it outdoor. Also, the color of the turf is another thing to consider. While most synthetic turf comes in green, some are red or blue. So, you should select the best color for your astro turf.

How Do Artificial Grass Suppliers Sell Their Products?

Artificial Grass Carpet Price Per Square Meter 
10mm green artificial grass #3300
20mm green artificial grass #4800
25mm green artificial grass #5000
30mm green artificial grass #5500
35mm green artificial grass #5900
40mm green artificial grass #5900
50mm green artificial grass #6900
20mm blue artificial grass #8100
20mm red artificial grass #8100
20mm yellow artificial grass #8100
Artificial grass price in Nigeria

This question is crucial for anyone that wants to install synthetic turf on their property. When you go to an artificial grass supplier in Lagos or other parts of Nigeria, you will notice that they sell their products in square meters. So, if you want to purchase synthetic turf, you should plan to buy it in square meters. This means that you have to measure where you want to install the grass and convert the result to square meters for easy processing.

For example, Shopsavis Artificial Grass sells its artificial grass in rolls of 10 square meters. Depending on the kinds of turf you select, you can buy 10 mm turf for 33,000 naira, while 25 mm goes for 50,000 naira for a 10 square meters roll. Or, if you prefer, you can buy 10mm for 3300 per square meter.

This means that you have to measure the length and breadth of the place you will install it and convert the final result to square meters. If the length of your backyard is 53 feet and the breadth is 10 feet, multiply 53 by 10, and the result will be 530 square feet, which is roughly 50 square meters.

Note that the size of the place you want to install the artificial grass can be smaller or bigger than the 50 square meters mentioned above. The essence of measuring your property is knowing the amount of turf you need. 

Artificial grass price per square meter in Nigeria

Where Can I Install Artificial Grass in My Home?

Now that you know how to measure your property when you want to install your artificial grass, you should know where you can install it. Nigerian homeowners can install artificial grass in their property backyards or front yards. The backyard of your property is a good spot to lay astroturf.

This is because it is the center of activities. Homeowners can relax in their backyard and enjoy their evenings. Or, homeowners can have an outdoor party on their artificial turf in their backyard.

 Depending on how often homeowners use their backyard or front yard, you can install long or short blades of astro turf. Another place to install synthetic turf on your property is your children’s playground or playroom. If your children’s playground is outdoors, you can landscape the surface with astroturf, and this will give your kids a soft surface to play on.

If your kids have an indoor playroom, artificial turf is also the perfect material to lay on the floor. You can install artificial grass in Nigeria in commercial settings, public buildings, and school grounds. 


What is astro turf price per square meter in Nigeria? The price of artificial grass per square meter varies on the pile height and color. You can get green 10 mm artificial grass carpets for #3300 per square meter. This amount does not include shipping and handling.

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