How to Replace Natural Carpet Grass in Nigeria

Planting carpet grass in your home in Nigeria will help protect the soil from erosion. Aside from that, carpet grass will add beauty to your backyard and give you a soft surface to walk on. But to enjoy your carpet grass, you must water it regularly. Aside from that, you must constantly replant spots that have formed brown patches. This means that natural carpet grass is not easy to maintain. So, the solution to planting natural carpet turf in your home is to replace it. But what do you replace carpet grass with? Well, if you have heard about artificial carpet grass, you will know that it is a modern landscaping solution. This article discusses how to replace natural carpet grass in Nigeria.

What Is Carpet Grass? 

Carpet grass or Axonopus is a genus of plant that belongs to the grass family. This grass grows short blades between 10 mm to 45 mm in length and spreads over a large surface when planted. Axonopus is primarily found in the tropical region of the world, and they are sometimes tolerant of periodic submersion. The purpose of planting artificial grass is to landscape the property and prevent erosion from damaging the soil. Since then, carpet grass has been common in Nigeria and has been the outdoor landscaping solution. 

Why Are Nigerian Homeowners Replacing Carpet Grass? 

Nigerian homeowners know how difficult it is to maintain carpet grass after planting it in their backyard. Natural carpet grass will wither at one time because of a lack of water. Aside from that, foot traffic can also make carpet grass form brown patches, which are undesirable. So, to make their lawn look perfect, Nigerian homeowners must replant the carpet grass. This means wasting cash to purchase the grass and time to plant it. 

What Is the Best Material to Replace Carpet Grass?

If you have a lawn in your compound and are looking to replace your carpet grass, you need durable landscaping material. The best material to replace your carpet grass in Nigeria is artificial grass. Nigerian homeowners that live in Lagos or other parts of Nigeria are trying this solution in their homes. That is why artificial grass is the beginning of modern gardening in Nigeria. If you want to get on board, you should install artificial grass in your Nigerian home instead of planting carpet grass. 

What Are the Advantages of Purchasing Artificial Grass?

Natural Carpet Grass in Nigeria

Artificial Grass Last Longer

When you install artificial carpet grass on your lawn, you get that peace of mind that your lawn will remain attractive for a long time. This is because artificial grass, once installed, will add beauty and value to your backyard. Aside from that, since artificial grass is durable, it will not get damaged quickly. This means that Nigerian homeowners will enjoy their lawns for a long time. 

Your Garden Will Stay Beautiful

Artificial grass adds value to a property, which means that it will increase the curb appeal of your backyard. The green lush of the blades looks like carpet grass, making it hard to tell the difference between artificial grass and carpet grass. To their taste, Nigerian homeowners can install long or short blades of artificial grass in their compound. 

Artificial Grass Is Durable

Another reason Nigerian homeowners are installing artificial grass is that it is durable. A durable turf will withstand pressure from bad weather and heavy foot traffic. Artificial grass carpets can withstand foot traffic, making them the best landscaping material for places like a school or public buildings. Rain, drought, wind, and the sun will not affect synthetic turf after installing it in your garden. And if you cherish the color of artificial grass, the sun’s UV rays will not make it fade. This is because it contains UV inhibitors that make the color last longer.

Artificial Turf Is Easy to Maintain

Another reason to replace natural carpet grass with artificial grass is that synthetic turf is easy to maintain. With a simple sweeping, your synthetic turf will remain clean. But natural carpet grass maintenance goes beyond sweeping. Homeowners must treat their natural turf with chemicals to make it last longer. Aside from that, natural grass needs trimming, which homeowners must do with lawnmowers. But artificial grass requires less maintenance. 


The best material to replace natural carpet grass in Nigeria is artificial grass. This outdoor landscaping solution is perfect for your backyard, front yard, office, and schools. 

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