How Long Does It Take Carpet Grass to Grow in Nigeria?

Are you planning to plant carpet grass in your Nigerian home? If you are, then you have a lot of work to do cultivating your grass. Carpet grass is a plant that homeowners can use to landscape their property and prevent damage from erosion. Aside from that, Nigerian homeowners can use carpet grass to add beauty and provide a soft ground to walk on their property. But planting and maintaining carpet grass is not an easy task. That is why homeowners are switching to the better alternative – artificial grass. So, how long will artificial grass take to grow in Nigeria? This article explains why artificial grass carpet is better than carpet grass. 

What Is Carpet Grass? 

Carpet grass is a creeping plant that grows in warm places and survives better in wet areas. This warm-season grass is found in plains, open fields, roadsides, and pastures. Other names for carpet grass are flat grass, creeping grass, and landscaping grass. If you want to be scientific, the botanical name for carpet grass is Axonopus compressus. 

What Is Carpet Grass Used For?

Carpet grass is the natural turf to use when you want to landscape your property. This means that Nigerian homeowners can plant carpet grass in their backyard or front yard to prevent erosion damage. Since carpet grass spreads all over the place you plant it, it provides a better landscaping option for your compound. Another use of carpet grass is to add beauty to your compound. Carpet grass is green when it is fully grown, and it will pass the lush to your garden, making it beautiful. If you want a soft surface to walk on your property, you can plant carpet grass outdoors. So, instead of feeling the hard surface of the ground, you will feel the soft surface of carpet grass blades. 

How Do I Plant Carpet Grass? 

If you want to enjoy the benefits of carpet grass, you have to plant it on your property. Planting carpet grass in Nigeria and other parts of the world is a tedious task, not at least for someone who doesn’t know. Homeowners must prepare the ground or soil they will plant the carpet grass on. Aside from that, adding fertilizer is another thing homeowners must do before sowing the turf seed in their compound. And after planting the carpet grass, you have to wait to let it grow. 

How Long Will It Take Carpet Grass to Grow? 

After sowing the seed of your carpet grass in the place you have already prepared, you have to let it grow. How long it takes for your carpet grass to grow depends on how you take care of the grass. If you wet the soil regularly and add the right fertilizer, it can take up to eight weeks for your carpet grass to grow fully. And after the grass has grown, you have to maintain it so that it continues growing. 

Can Carpet Grass Survive Bad Weather? 

No, carpet grass will not survive extreme weather like drought and cold. Also, carpet grass cannot survive heavy foot traffic. This makes using carpet grass limited to places with low foot traffic. While this can sound discouraging, homeowners can still design their lawn with turf. The best alternative to planting carpet grass is installing synthetic carpet grass on your property. Nigerian homeowners are now taking bold steps to replace their natural carpet grass with artificial grass. This move has lots of benefits. 

Benefits of Artificial Grass in Nigeria

Artificial grass vs carpet grass in Nigeria

You Don’t Have to Wait for Artificial Grass to Grow

Unlike carpet grass that requires eight weeks to grow fully, artificial grass doesn’t grow. So, if you want to install artificial grass in your home in Lagos or Ibadan, or other parts of Nigeria, you have to fix it and start using it. No need for homeowners to wait for weeks before they can use their turf. 

Artificial Grass Does Not Require Fertiliser

To plant carpet grass, you need fertilizer to make it grow. But artificial turf does not need fertilizer to grow. This makes Nigerian homeowners save money when they install artificial grass. 

Synthetic Grass Is Easy to Maintain

Homeowners can easily maintain their artificial grass after installing it—no need to trim the blades with a lawnmower to make it look good. Also, no need for homeowners to water their artificial turf to make it grow. 


How long does it take carpet grass to grow in Nigeria? It can take up to eight weeks for carpet grass to grow if you plant it properly. But when you install artificial grass, you will start enjoying the benefits immediately.

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