How Do I Maintain Carpet Grass in Nigeria?

Planting carpet grass on your property in Nigeria is one way you can landscape it. Aside from that, landscaping your property in Nigeria will prevent erosion from damaging it when it rained. Carpet grass makes a compound attractive. If Nigerian homeowners plant carpet grass in their homes, the grass will add beauty to it. The green lush of carpet grass is something to envy. But as good as carpet grass is, it is not easy to maintain. This means that after planting carpet grass in their home, Nigerian property owners must spend time making it beautiful. So, how do I maintain carpet grass in Nigeria? This article explains it all. 

Maintaining Your Carpet Grass After Planting It

When you plant carpet grass on your property, you will increase the curb appeal because the green lush will make it attractive. But that green lush will not last long if you don’t maintain it. This means that carpet grass will wither or develop brown patches when the weather is hot. Aside from that, carpet grass cannot handle heavy foot traffic, so it will turn brown if many people walk on it. And when this happens, homeowners must replant the grass. 

Use a Lawnmower to Trim Your Carpet Grass

Lawn care is not easy when you plant carpet grass in your backyard. This is because the blades will grass, and the grass will look unkempt if you don’t care for it for a long time. So, to make carpet grass attractive, Nigerian homeowners must trim the blades. But trimming the blades is not an easy task. You will need a lawnmower when you want to work on your grass. Depending on how large your compound is, you will spend hours mowing your carpet grass to make it look beautiful. Landlords that don’t have the time to care for their lawns themselves must hire a gardener to do the task for them. This means spending more money to care for your lawn when you plant natural carpet grass. 

Wet Your Carpet Grass with Water

Carpet grass will not last long without water, and this is because natural carpet grass cannot survive extreme weather conditions. Drought and cold are weather conditions that can harm carpet grass when exposed to them. If you plant carpet grass in Nigeria, you should expect to wet it frequently to make it look green. So, from the moment you plant your turf until it grows, you must spray it with water; otherwise, your carpet grass will wither. 

Treat Your Carpet Grass to Prevent Disease

Plant disease can affect your carpet grass after planting it in your compound. So, to prevent disease, you have to maintain the grass with chemicals. This means maintaining your carpet grass by spraying chemicals into the air, which might result in air pollution. Also, spraying chemicals on your lawn can be harmful to your children and pets. 

Replant Your Carpet Grass when It Withers

Natural carpet grass will either at one time or the other. This can happen if the weather conditions become dry or if there is lots of foot traffic on the grass. If you discover that your carpet grass has withered in a new part, you should replant it as part of its maintenance. 

Is there an Alternative to Carpet Grass? 

Carpet grass in Nigeria

Maintaining carpet grass is not easy, not at least for homeowners that don’t have the time. So, the solution is to have a lawn that is easy to maintain. There are several alternatives to planting carpet grass on your property. But the best outdoor flooring solution homeowners can use is artificial grass. Artificial grass carpet is perfect for Nigerian homes. This is because Nigerian property owners don’t have to treat it with chemicals to make it look attractive. 

Aside from that, artificial turf doesn’t need mowing with a lawnmower to trim the blade. To enjoy this turf, install it in your compound and start using it. And the best part of installing artificial grass in Nigeria is that the beautiful surface texture will last all year round. There is not much difference between carpet grass and artificial grass after installing the latter. The only difference you will notice when you install artificial turf is that synthetic grass is more attractive than carpet grass. 


How do I maintain carpet grass in Nigeria? To maintain carpet grass, you must trim the uses with a lawnmower and treat the turf with chemicals. If you want a lawn that doesn’t require much maintenance, you can install an artificial grass carpet.

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