Is Carpet Grass Good for Landscaping in Nigeria?

Do you have a property that is prone to erosion? Most Nigerian homes are prone to erosion; that is why homeowners will take steps to landscape their property properly. There are several landscaping materials Nigerian homeowners can use to floor their compound. Installing concrete paving is one option available to landscape your house. Another landscaping option available for Nigerian homeowners is planting carpet grass in the compound. But like all other landscaping materials, carpet grass has its advantages and disadvantages. Is carpet grass good for landscaping in Nigeria? This article provides an answer to that question. 

What Is Carpet Grass? 

Carpet grass is a plant grown outdoors to landscape a property. The botanical name for carpet grass is Axonopus affinis. This kind of plant can spread from the spot you plant it quickly. Carpet grass is perfect for a moist environment and will thrive in a wet environment. The ability for carpet grass to spread all over a place makes it perfect for outdoor landscaping. 

Why Homeowners Are Using Carpet Grass to Landscape Their Property

Homeowners are constantly looking for landscaping material that will prevent erosion and increase the curb appeal of their property. While concrete paving is a better option when you consider durability or will not add beauty to your compound. Aside from increasing the curb appeal of your Nigerian home, carpet grass is easy to plant. Although planting carpet grass requires fertilizer and preparing the soil, it is still the best option when using plants for landscaping your property. 

This is because carpet grass will spread all over your compound quickly. Once planted in your backyard, wait for the carpet grass to multiply. It will creep all over your lawn and make it perfect for outdoor activities. And when your carpet grass is mature, it will serve its purpose – prevent erosion. Aside from preventing erosion, carpet grass provides a soft surface for you to walk on. Those are the advantages of planting carpet grass on your property. But what about natural carpet grass disadvantages? 

What Are the Disadvantages of Carpet Grass? 

Like most home improvement materials, carpet has its disadvantages. Nigerian homeowners that plant natural carpet grass know how difficult it is to maintain it. The blades of carpet grass will need trimming at one time or the other. This means that homeowners must use a lawnmower to trim their natural carpet grass. If you can not use a lawnmower, you have to hire a gardener to help you trim and maintain your grass; at an extra cost. Aside from trimming, carpet grass needs water to survive. 

This means that Nigerian homeowners that install carpet grass must wet it with water to make it grow. Lack of water will kill the grass quickly. This means that carpet grass doesn’t save water, and if the environment becomes dry, carpet grass will wither. Another disadvantage of carpet grass is that it is not good for places with heavy foot traffic. This means that when you plant carpet grass in your home, your children cannot run on it without damaging it. 

Is there an Alternative to Carpet Grass? 

carpet grass in nigeria

One alternative to natural carpet grass is artificial grass. Synthetic or artificial grass is perfect for outdoor landscaping in Nigeria. This is because artificial grass can survive harsh weather better than natural grass. Also, synthetic turf does not need planting and waiting for eight weeks to mature. When you purchase artificial grass, install it and start using the turf. Unlike carpet grass that gets damaged when you walk or play on it, artificial carpet grass will resist foot traffic. This is because the blades of artificial carpet grass are dense and resilient, making it bounce back when you step on it. 

And if you want landscaping material that will increase the curb appeal of your property, artificial grass is the right material for the job. The attractive color of synthetic grass will make your backyard beautiful. Also, the surface texture of artificial turf will not fade quickly. Like the turf itself, the surface texture will last for about ten years. Unlike natural carpet grass that needs water to survive, artificial grass doesn’t need water. This makes artificial carpet grass perfect for any environment, including Nigeria.


Is carpet grass good for landscaping in Nigeria? Carpet grass is perfect for landscaping your property. It will prevent erosion and give you a soft surface to walk on. But since carpet grass is not easy to maintain, homeowners are switching to the better alternative – artificial grass. 

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