What Are the Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass carpet is becomingly popular in Nigeria, thanks to an increased awareness in modern landscaping. Nigerian homeowners are using artificial grass to landscape their home exterior, their schools and commercial settings. Also, homeowners in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria are using artificial grass carpets to design their home interiors. You can use synthetic turf in place of a rug in your Nigerian home, and it will look just fine. If you plan to install artificial grass carpets in your home in Nigeria, you would like to know more about them. So, what are the pros and cons of artificial grass? This article helps you to understand synthetic turf better. 

Pros of Artificial Grass Carpet

Installing artificial turf in their home is the best thing some homeowners have experienced in their homes. This is because of the benefits homeowners derived from synthetic carpet grass. Let’s consider the advantages of installing artificial grass in Nigeria. 

Aesthetic Value

One obvious benefit of artificial grass in a home is the beauty it adds to the property. With artificial carpet grass, you can increase your home’s curb appeal. Another benefit of aesthetic value is that homeowners can select any color they prefer. This means that if you go to any artificial grass supplier in Lagos, Ibadan, or other parts of Nigeria, you can select blue, red, yellow, and green turf. With red, blue, and yellow synthetic turf, you can create an awesome design in your home. 

Long-lasting Material and Color

It is noteworthy to write that artificial grass carpets last longer than natural carpet grass. Most artificial grass suppliers in Nigeria will guarantee that their products will last longer for about ten years. When you compare that with natural carpet grass lifespan, you will know that it is a long time. Another pro of artificial grass in Nigeria is that the beautiful color will last longer, like the turf itself. This gives Nigerian homeowners the benefits of enjoying the beautiful color longer. Artificial grass will last longer because it is made of durable materials. Also, the color will not fade under the sun because it has UV inhibitors. 


pros and cons of artificial grass in nigeria

Another pro of artificial grass is durability. Synthetic grass will last longer than natural carpet grass when installed on your property. It will resist bad weather conditions like drought and cold. The environment you dwell in can become dry, which is bad for carpet grass. But artificial grass will not get damaged because of drought. Aside from bad weather, artificial grass will resist foot traffic. This enables Nigerian homeowners to install synthetic grass in places like schools and public buildings. 

No Need to Water Artificial Grass

You must wet your carpet grass for it to survive after planting it. Watering your grass will consume your water resource needlessly. But when you install artificial grass on your property, you will save your water resource. This makes installing synthetic turf possible under any weather condition.

Artificial Grass Is Easy to Maintain

Maintaining artificial grass is easy, thanks to the easy-clean solutions of synthetic grass. There is no need to hire a gardener to help maintain your lawn when you install artificial turf in your backyard. This helps homeowners to save money. Aside from that, removing dirt like leaves and twigs from synthetic grass is easy. With a simple sweeping, your synthetic turf will be clean. Real grass can be difficult to maintain when you have pets that poo and pee on the surface. But when your pet poo and pee on your artificial grass surface, you can take it off easily. And the turf will not develop an odor. 

Cons of Artificial Grass

The disadvantages of artificial grass are related to the way it is installed. 

Artificial Turf Can Retain Water after a Rain

If an inexperienced installer helps install your synthetic grass, you will discover that it doesn’t drain water properly. This will happen if the installer doesn’t prepare the base of the grass properly. 

No Maintenance

Artificial grass is easy to maintain, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need maintenance. Most homeowners will let their pets poo and pee on their turf surface without cleaning it. This will make your synthetic grass develop odor and unusable for outdoor activities. If you want to enjoy your artificial grass, you have to clean the surface regularly. 


What are the pros and cons of artificial grass? The pros of artificial turf are easy maintenance, aesthetic value, durability, and long-lasting, while the cons of artificial grass are not installing and cleaning it properly. 

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