Is Artificial Grass Carpet Good for Homes in Nigeria?

Are you planning to landscape your property? Every home needs a beautiful landscape to look good. Thanks to advancements in technology, there are many materials property owners in Nigeria can use to landscape their homes. Concrete pavings are one material you can use to landscape your backyard. Aside from concrete, homeowners in Nigeria can use artificial grass carpets to landscape their property. But before using the turf, you want to know if artificial grass carpet is good for homes in Nigeria? This article provides an answer to that question. 

What Is Artificial Grass? 

Artificial grass, also called synthetic grass, is an outdoor flooring material that you can use in place of real grass. The grass was developed in the 1960s, and since then, more advanced types of artificial grass had been made. Unlike natural grass that must be planted, artificial grass is a synthetic material. It is made of polythene or nylon, of which nylon is the strongest. 

Why Was Artificial Grass Carpet Made? 

Homeowners had used carpet grass to landscape their property for a long time before engineers started making artificial grass carpets. This synthetic turf was developed in the 1960s to replace natural carpet grass. Since artificial turf is synthetic, it is stronger and offers better resistance to weather and foot traffic than real grass. Natural grass is not as durable as synthetic turf. It will not resist the elements of weather like drought and heavy foot traffic. Aside from that, when you plant carpet grass in your home in Nigeria, you have to cultivate it. Cultivating your grass means that you have to prepare the soil, add fertilizer and then plant the grass. And when the carpet grass becomes mature, you have to wet it with water. 

Another type of maintenance you give carpet grass is trimming the blades with a lawnmower. And if you are too busy to maintain your carpet grass, you have to hire a gardener to tend your lawn. This indicates that carpet grass is not economical when you consider the maintenance, and it is not environmentally friendly. Homeowners must apply chemicals to their carpet grass to treat plant disease if it becomes infected. So, to reduce maintenance costs, engineers developed an alternative to natural carpet grass. And this alternative is artificial carpet grass. Property owners all over the world, as well as Nigeria, are using artificial grass carpets for landscaping their property. This marks the start of a modern landscaping in Nigeria.  

Why Artificial Grass Carpet is Good for Homes in Nigeria

There are several reasons homeowners are using artificial carpet grass in their property. 


You can use artificial grass anywhere. This makes it different from real grass that can only be used outdoor. Nigerian homeowners can use artificial grass carpet in their home interior and exterior. Your office, children’s playground, party room and sitting room can use artificial grass, and it will be perfect. Aside from that, you can use artificial grass in your backyard, to landscape your pet’s playground and in your front yard. The usage of artificial grass makes it good for Nigerian homes. 


If you floor your property with concrete, it will not increase the aesthetic. But artificial grass can increase the curb appeal of your property when you install it. There are various colors of artificial grass carpet that Nigeria homeowners can select. You can go to an artificial grass supplier in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja or other parts of Nigeria and ask for red, blue, yellow or green turf. While green artificial grass is beautiful, red, yellow and blue are superb. With a yellow artificial grass carpet, you can create a bright theme for your property. 

Is Artificial Grass Carpet Good for Homes in Nigeria?


Another reason artificial grass carpet is good for homes is because it has a longer lifespan than natural grass. Carpet grass will not last for up to ten years when you plant it in your compound. And if you want your carpet grass to last that long, you have to replant it regularly. But when you install artificial carpet grass, you will use it for ten years straight. Synthetic grass will last long because of the materials that it is made of. If you plan to use your artificial grass constantly, you should purchase turf made of nylon because it is the strongest. 


Is artificial grass carpet good for homes in Nigeria? Yes, synthetic turf is good for homes in Nigeria because it is durable, aesthetically pleasing and can be used anywhere.   

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