DIY Artificial Grass Installation in Nigeria

Thanks to flooring materials like artificial grass, landscaping in Nigeria is becoming better every day. Advancement in technology has made it possible for homeowners and property developers to use artificial grass in their homes. And to make it multipurpose, homeowners in Nigeria can use artificial grass in their home interior and exterior. But installing artificial grass carpets in Nigeria will cost money. So, if you are a property developer in Nigeria and want to lay artificial turf in your backyard, how can you manage money? One way homeowners can manage money when installing artificial grass is by doing it themselves. This article explains DIY artificial grass installation in Nigeria. 

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What Is Artificial Grass Carpet?

Artificial grass carpet is an outdoor flooring material homeowners in Nigeria can use to landscape their properties. This material is synthetic and made with nylon or polypropylene. Unlike natural grass, which gets damaged quickly, artificial grass provides better protection from the elements and can withstand heavy foot traffic. The whole process of making artificial grass begins and ends in a factory. There the plastic is liquefied, and color pigmentation is added to the raw material. After it is extruded and UV inhibitors are added to it, it is cooled to make it form synthetic turf. 

Can I Use Artificial Grass Carpet in Nigeria?

No other landscaping material compares with artificial turf. This is because it adds aesthetic value to a home and provides a soft surface to walk on. If you dwell in Nigeria, you can use artificial grass carpet for landscaping your property. More and more homeowners are joining the team of artificial grass users every day. You can use artificial grass in Nigeria in your backyard, front yard, office interior, school football fields, children’s playground, and public buildings. 

Where Can I Find Artificial Grass Suppliers in Nigeria?

You can do a simple search for artificial grass and find suppliers in Lagos, Ibadan, or other parts of Nigeria. Artificial grass suppliers in Nigeria like Shopsavis Artificial Grass sells quality turf that lasts longer. Distance is not a problem when purchasing artificial grass from a supplier in Nigeria. 

How Much Is Artificial Grass in Nigeria? 

There is no fixed artificial grass price in Nigeria. The amount you will spend to purchase synthetic turf in Nigeria depends on the grade and the size. If you want a standard 10 mm green artificial grass in Nigeria, you won’t spend more than N90000 for 2 square meters roll. 

How Do I Install Artificial Grass in Nigeria?

Are you thinking of installing an artificial grass carpet yourself? We usually recommend hiring an artificial turf installer to help you with the job. Turf installers are experts and have experience laying synthetic turf for homeowners. When you hire an artificial grass installer, the chance of making mistakes is reduced. But if you want to save money when installing your artificial grass, you can do it yourself. This doesn’t mean that the task will be easy, but you can try as long as it is on your property. 

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Steps to Install Artificial Grass Yourself

DIY artificial grass installation in Nigeria begins with preparing the soil. After that, homeowners can add the base to make it firm. Laying the turf on the soil is the next step that marks the end of installing the turf. 

Step One – Prepare the Ground

Before you begin your artificial turf installation in Nigeria, the first thing to do is prepare the ground. You should know where you want to install the grass and the size of the place. Measure your backyard or front yard or wherever you desire to landscape. After that, you should use a shovel to remove debris or other obstacles like weeds and tree stumps. Note the shape of the area, as you might have to cut your grass to fit it. When the place you will lay the turf is ready, move to the next step. 

Step Two – Add Crushed Stones to the Area

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If you lay your artificial grass directly on the soil, it will not have a solid base. You must ensure that the place is properly landscaped to achieve a better result. That is why you should dig the area lower a little to make way for gravel or crushed stones. Spread the gravel evenly on the place until you have covered the ground. Then, you should look for how to compact (press down) the stones to make a solid base. 

If you can hire a small mechanical roller, get one and use it to push the stones further to achieve a solid base. After compacting the soil, move to the next step. You should watch the gradient of the place you want to install your turf. For water to flow freely, you can let the part closer to your house be a little higher than the part away from your house. This way, you will ensure proper drainage after laying your artificial turf. 

Step Three – Pour Sand 

Artificial grass installation is not complete until you have poured sand on the ground. Sand will provide a smooth surface for your grass and makes it comfortable to walk on after installation. So, you should spread sand all over the area evenly until you are satisfied. 

Artificial grass installation in Nigeria

Step Four – Lay the Grass

The final step of artificial grass installation in Nigeria is laying the grass. Unroll the bundle of artificial turf you have purchased and start laying it on the ground. Start from one spot and continue till you have covered the ground. You will have to cut your grass at one point or the other. So, use a utility knife or any sharp object to cut your turf. Where two rolls of synthetic turf meet, you can seam the edges to conceal the cut. 


DIY artificial grass installation in Nigeria is possible if you are ready to learn. When installing your turf, you should follow the instructions in this article to achieve the best results. 

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