How Do You Clean Artificial Grass in Nigeria?

Designing your garden with artificial grass is the best idea if you want a lawn that looks beautiful. Artificial grass is becoming popular because it has three selling points – easy maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, and durability. When you install artificial grass in Nigeria, you will notice the beauty it adds to your lawn. Also, unlike real grass which will not last long, artificial grass carpet will last long because it is durable. Most homeowners have the view that artificial turf does not need maintenance because it is easy to clean. But that is not right. If you have synthetic turf installed on your property, how do you care for it? In this article, how you can clean artificial grass in Nigeria?

Do I Have to Maintain Artificial Grass? 

If you have artificial grass installed on your property, you will notice that it is attractive during the first few weeks. But as you use your synthetic turf for your outdoor activities, you will notice that it will become dirty. Like other household materials in your house, it gets dirty with time. If you notice dirt on your artificial grass, what should you do? Homeowners that installed artificial grass must develop a routine of cleaning their turf regularly. 

A clean lawn will speak well of the owner. Aside from that, when you clean your turf regularly, you will extend its lifespan. Note that easy maintenance is not the same as no maintenance. Artificial grass carpet is easy to maintain. This is because homeowners don’t have to spray it with water or chemicals to make it grow. Also, property owners don’t have to trim their artificial grass with a lawnmower. This stress-free maintenance turf helps garden owners to save money. 

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to clean your artificial grass. Synthetic turf needs cleaning, like removing leaves and leftover food from it. If homeowners fail to clean their turf, it will become unusable. Leftover food and other organic matters can decay and make mold and mildew grow on the turf surface. Aside from that, your turf develops odors that will make it usable. 

How Do You Clean Artificial Grass in Nigeria?

Cleaning Artificial Grass in Nigeria

Sweep the Surface

One way homeowners in Nigeria can clean their artificial grass is by removing leaves and twigs from the surface of their grass. Aside from leaves, homeowners can sweep their turf to remove leftover food. To clean your artificial grass, look for a strong broom and use it to sweep the surface. Ensure that you remove any dirt that hides in between the blades of the grass. For the best result, you should sweep from one side till you reach the end of your turf. But what if your artificial grass has more than leaves on its surface? 

Wash Stain from the Surface of Your Grass

Homeowners can spill grease, oil or wine on the surface of their artificial grass. This can happen if you move oily plates or rub greasy hands on the grass. Aside from that, homeowners having a party on their grass can spill wine. This can discolor the surface of your turf. To clean stains off the surface of your synthetic grass, you can use a brush and soapy water to clean the surface. Prepare the soap solution by mixing soap in a bucket of water. After, spray your turf with soapy water before you start scrubbing. 

Scrub Mold Off the Surface of Your Grass

Mold can distort the beauty of artificial grass. If you discover mold on the surface of your turf, you should take steps to remove it. The best way to clean mold off the surface of your grass is to scrub with a brush and soapy water. When you are done, rinse your artificial turf with water to remove the soap. 

How to Prevent Your Artificial Grass from Getting Damaged

For your artificial grass to last longer, it is necessary to take steps to prevent damage. If you love outdoor activities, and you use your turf for these purposes, you should not put a grill on it. Putting a hot grill on your artificial grass can destroy it because the turf is made of plastics. Aside from that, another way to prevent your artificial grass from getting damaged is to install it properly. 


How do you clean artificial grass in Nigeria? To clean your artificial grass, you have to ensure you sweep the surface with a broom to remove dirt. Also, you have to scrub your turf if necessary to remove stains and mold. 

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