8 Things You Need to Know About Artificial Grass in Nigeria

Are you planning to landscape your property but don’t know which material to use? Some homeowners have tried concrete pavings, but they later discover that it is unattractive after installation. If you want to landscape your property to make it beautiful, you can try artificial grass carpet. Few homeowners in Nigeria know the value of artificial grass. That is why most property developers will hesitate before installing synthetic turf on their property. This write-up explains 8 things you need to know about artificial grass in Nigeria. 

1. What Is Artificial Grass? 

The number one thing homeowners in Nigeria should know about artificial grass is that it is a synthetic material. Artificial turf is made of polythene or nylon. If you want cheap artificial grass, you can opt for polythene made turf. But if you want a turf that will last longer, you should go for nylon. The process of making artificial grass takes place in a factory. There, the raw materials are combined with color pigmentation and UV inhibitors before they are molded to form the grass. 

2.    Artificial Grass Is Durable

Another thing homeowners in Nigeria should know about artificial grass because it is durable. Take natural grass, for example. When you plant natural carpet grass in your home, you have to maintain it regularly for it to last longer. Aside from that, you can’t use natural carpet grass in a place with high foot traffic. But when you install artificial grass carpet in your home in Nigeria, you will enjoy the benefit of durable turf. 

3.   Artificial Turf Is Resistant to Weather

The effect of artificial grass durability is well pronounced in the turf. When you install artificial grass on your property, you will discover that it is resistant to weather. Weather elements that will not affect artificial turf are the UV rays of the sun, rain, cold, and drought. Most synthetic materials will fade when the sun’s U rays reach their surface. Their beautiful surface texture will suddenly become less beautiful. But when you install synthetic grass carpet on your lawn, you will enjoy the attractive surface texture for as long as it lasts. Natural carpet grass needs water to survive; else, it will dry up. But artificial turf does not need water. This enables homeowners in Nigeria to save water when they install synthetic grass. 

4. Synthetic Grass Is Eco-friendly

Another thing homeowners in Nigeria should know about artificial turf because it is eco-friendly; no chemical is present on the surface of artificial grass when you install it. That is why synthetic turf is safe for your kids and pets. Aside from that, homeowners don’t have to spray their turf with chemicals to kill insects or prevent disease. 

5. Artificial Grass Is Attractive

Another thing about artificial grass carpet that makes it appealing is that it is attractive. The surface texture of artificial turf is beautiful and good enough to increase the curb appeal of your property. Homeowners can customize their lawn by choosing artificial turf of different colors. There is green artificial carpet grass which is the most common. Also, there is red, yellow, and blue turf that you can select from. Another good thing about artificial grass surface texture is that it will last for a long time. 

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6. Artificial Carpet Grass Is Easy to Maintain

Maintaining natural carpet grass is not easy. This is because it requires trimming, treating with chemicals, and cleaning. And if you don’t have the time to maintain your carpet grass, you have to hire a gardener, which will further consume money. But when you install artificial carpet grass, you will discover that it doesn’t need chemical treatment. Also, homeowners don’t have to use a lawnmower to trim their turf. 

7. Artificial Turf Is Good for Outdoor and Indoor Flooring

Homeowners in Nigeria can install artificial grass in their home interior. This means that if you have a playroom in your house, you can lay synthetic turf on the ground. Aside from the home interior, you can lay your artificial grass in your backyard or front yard.

8. Synthetic Turf Can Withstand High Traffic

Natural grass is not perfect for places like schools or commercial settings where many people will walk on it. But when you install artificial grass, it is perfect for schools, commercial settings, and public buildings. Synthetic turf is designed for places with high foot traffic. 


This article explains the 8 things you need to know about artificial grass in Nigeria. Artificial turf is a durable synthetic material that is easy to maintain, aesthetically pleasing, made for places with high foot traffic, and perfect for indoor and outdoor installation. 

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