How Often Does Artificial Grass Need to be Replaced in Nigeria?

Are you planning to install artificial grass on your property? Most homeowners have come a long way in selecting the best landscaping material for their compound. Some have used concrete pavings and discovered that it is not aesthetically appealing. Others have planted natural carpet grass and discovered that it is not the ideal landscaping material. If you desire to landscape your property, you can use an artificial grass carpet for the job. While most homeowners in Nigeria are on-board with artificial grass, they have landscaped their property; others are just catching up. How often does artificial grass need to be replaced in Nigeria? 

Why Are Homeowners Selecting Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is one of the best landscaping materials homeowners in Nigeria can use on their property. If you have used concrete pavings for landscaping your property, which is common in most parts of Nigeria, you will notice that synthetic turf is better. Aside from concrete pavings, Nigerian homeowners are planting natural carpet grass. But like concrete pavings, natural carpet grass also has its disadvantages. 

One obvious disadvantage of carpet grass is that it needs maintenance to survive. And when the grass is cared for, it still will not survive bad weather conditions like drought and cold. The disadvantages of the two outdoor flooring materials mentioned above have led Nigerian homeowners to try alternatives. 

The best alternative available to use to landscape your property is artificial grass. This turf is easy to maintain, easy to install, good for any environment, aesthetic pleasing and durable, making artificial grass last longer than most landscaping materials. But does artificial grass need replacement like carpet grass?

How Often Should You Replace Your Artificial Grass in Nigeria?

Homeowners in Nigeria are asking this question to be sure before they install artificial grass on their property. If you are planning to lay artificial grass in your Nigerian home, you need an answer to the question. How often should homeowners replace their synthetic turf? The answer is, not very often. 

Artificial grass is not like natural carpet grass that needs replacement because one part becomes dry due to no water. Also, foot traffic will not easily damage your artificial grass like carpet grass. To know how often you will replace your synthetic turf, you must check the lifespan. Most artificial grass suppliers in Nigeria will tell you that the lifespan of their turf is at least ten years. 

While others will tell you that their turf will last longer than that. The lifespan of your artificial grass matters and determines how long you will replace it. But be assured that the average lifespan of artificial turf in Nigeria is ten years. This guarantees that homeowners in Nigeria will use their artificial turf for ten years without having to replace it. 

Note that some brands of artificial grass can last longer than that. If you use your synthetic turf properly, you won’t have to replace it for a long time. Natural carpet grass will not last for ten years. Concrete pavings will, but they won’t retain the beauty they had when you first installed them. That is why most homeowners will tear their old concrete pavings and replace them with new ones. 

When to Replace Your Artificial grass in Nigeria

If you have used your artificial turf for a long time, it might need replacement. This is true for homeowners that install their turf in places with high foot traffic. If you have used your synthetic turf, let’s say for more than ten years, and you discover that the blades are no longer resilient, then it might be time to replace it. 

Artificial Grass in Nigeria

Aside from that, prolonged exposure to the sun UV rays can make the surface texture of artificial grass fade. When you use your synthetic turf for more than ten years, you will notice a color change. If you care about the surface texture of your turf, then you might want to change your faded artificial grass. 

Not installing your artificial grass properly can make it get damaged quickly. If you don’t prepare the subbase using the right materials, it can cause drainage issues after installing your grass. When this occurs, homeowners can choose to correct the issue by using a good subbase and replacing their turf. 


How often does artificial grass need to be replaced in Nigeria? When installing artificial grass carpet in your home, you don’t have to replace it every year. How often you replace your turf depends on the lifespan. The average lifespan of artificial grass is ten years. This means that Nigerian homeowners will use their turf longer without replacing it. 

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