What Is Wallpaper Roll Size and Price in Nigeria?

Are you contemplating home improvement in Nigeria? One material Nigerian homeowners can use to add beauty and value to their home interior is wallpaper. This wall covering is better than paint because it lasts longer, and it is easy to clean. And if you want a wall with a glossy surface, wallpaper can give you that. There are several kinds of wallpaper in Nigeria and each comes in different roll sizes and prices. This article helps you to know wallpaper roll size and price in Nigeria. 

What Is a Wallpaper?

You might have seen a wallpaper but know little about it. This will prompt the question, what is a wallpaper? Wallpaper is a decorative material used for home improvement. You can get the wallpaper from a home improvement store in Nigeria like Shopsavis. Wallpapers are used in home interior wall decoration of domestic and commercial buildings. 

What Are the Various Types of Wallpaper in Nigeria?

There are different types of wallpaper you can buy in Nigeria. One common wallpaper you can find on an online store is printed paper wallpaper. Another type of wallpaper in Nigeria is vinyl wallpaper. In terms of means of creation, wallpaper types include painted wallpaper, hand-printed wallpaper, machine-printed wallpaper, and coated wallpaper. 

The most common wallpaper for residential and commercial use is pre-pasted vinyl coated wallpaper. This kind of wallpaper is cheap, easy to handle, and hang. Aside from that, there is the 3D PE foam wallpaper in Nigeria which offers the perfect solution to cover your wall. 

What Is Wallpaper Roll Size and Price in Nigeria?

What Are the Sizes of Wallpaper in Nigeria?

The sizes of wallpaper in Nigeria vary depending on the kind. For example, 3D PE foam wallpapers are cut differently from vinyl-coated wallpaper. These wallpapers come in 70 cm × 77 cm and are self-adhesive, making it easy to hang them. Vinyl or vinyl coated wallpapers come in rolls that are 5.3 square meters in size. The length of this wallpaper is 10 m while the width is 0.53 m. 

Price of Wallpaper in Nigeria

Now to the matter of price. The cost of wallpaper varies according to the type and design. Note that when buying wallpaper, you should always consider the size. This is because large rolls of wallpaper are more expensive than the regular 70 cm × 77 cm PE foam wallpaper. So, wallpaper roll size and size in Nigeria.

White 3D PE foam wallpaper 70 cm × 77 cm#2,800
Coated wallpaper 3D design 5.3 square meters #5,000
Black and white 3D design wallpaper#5,000
Whiterosy vinyl wallpaper #6,500
3D grey wallpaper#5,000

Note that the price of wallpaper we listed above can change as a result of the volatility of the Nigerian market. So, check the price regularly to be current. 

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