What Is the Price of 3D PE Foam Wallpaper in Nigeria?

Are you tired of painting and repainting the walls of your room? If you are, there is a solution. Homeowners are increasingly using wallpapers to cover the surface of their walls. And so should you. One attractive wallpaper you can use is the 3D PE Foam wallpaper in Nigeria. This wall covering not only adds beauty to the walls of your house; it adds value more than paint. But to enjoy the benefits of adding 3D foam wallpaper to your room, you have to buy it first. What is the price of 3D PE foam wallpaper in Nigeria?

What Is a 3D PE Foam Wallpaper?

A 3D foam wallpaper or wall panel is a self-adhesive wall sticker that is used to decorate the interior of a building. This wall sticker usually comes in different sizes, of which 70 × 77 cm is the most common. 

What Is a 3D Foam Wallpaper Made of?

Are you concerned about the lifespan of a wallpaper? No worries, wallpapers are made of high-quality durable vinyl materials that will not tear easily. 3D PE foam wallpapers are made of ethylene acetate materials that are made specifically to create dimensional embroidery. Homeowners can place the wallpaper foam on the surface of their wall, stitch through to perforate it and tear away the excess from design areas.

Where Can I Use 3D Foam Wallpaper?

There are several places homeowners in Nigeria can use PE foam wallpaper in their houses. You can stick it on the surface of your room’s wall. Or, you can stick it on your bedroom wall if you prefer. What about the ceiling? Since PE foam wallpapers are self-adhesive, you can stick them to the ceiling of your house. This way, you will add beauty and value to your house. And what of you have painted your wall? You can cover a painted wall with your wallpaper. 

What Is the Price of 3D PE Foam Wallpapers in Nigeria?

What Is the Common Size and Thickness of 3D PE Foam Wallpaper?

The most common size of 3D PE foam wallpaper in Nigeria is 70 cm × 77 cm, while the thickness is 5 mm. The size of the wallpaper matters because it affects the price.

White 3D PE Foam Wallpaper 70 cm × 77 cm2,800 per piece
Brick 3D PE Foam Wallpaper 70 cm × 77 cm2,800 per piece 
3D Self-adhesive Foam Wallpaper 70 cm × 77 cm2,800

Note that the price of wallpaper we listed above can change anytime due to the volatility of the Nigerian market. So, you should ensure you check the price regularly. 

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