What Is the Cost of Artificial Carpet Grass in Nigeria?

The price of artificial carpet grass in Nigeria varies depending on the quality and texture. Also, the amount Nigerian homeowners will spend to purchase artificial grass depends on the size and pile height of the turf. If you plan to lay artificial grass, you should consult with a turf supplier in Nigeria to know the exact quantity and quality you need. This article considers the cost of artificial carpet grass in Nigeria. It explains how the texture and pile height of the grass affect the price. Also, it helps you select the right kind of grass for your outdoor flooring project. 

How Much Will I Spend to Buy Artificial Grass in Nigeria?

The amount you will spend to buy artificial grass carpets in Nigeria varies according to your need. If you want 10 square meters of 10 mm green artificial grass, you will spend around #45000 on it. To understand why we stress that the size of your project determines the price you will spend on the grass, let’s increase the size from 10 square meters to 20. If your project size is 20 square meters, and you want 10 mm green artificial turf, you will spend around #90000. This price includes shipping and handling.

Some artificial grass suppliers in Nigeria will reduce the price a little because they don’t calculate shipping and handling. If you purchase turf from Shopsavis Artificial Grass, they will calculate shipping with the total amount you will pay. Note that the larger the pile height of the grass, the more expensive the turf. A 20 mm artificial grass carpet will cost more than 10 mm grass. So, if you decide to purchase turf that has a longer blade length, you should be ready to spend more cash. 

What Is Artificial Grass Pile Height, and How Does it Affect the Price?

The pile height of artificial carpet grass is the blade length. If you are familiar with natural carpet grass, you will notice that it has blades that shoot from the base. The blades of natural carpet grass are what most homeowners will call the leaves. But since carpet grass is not classified as having leaves, the best way to refer to them is blades. Artificial carpet grass with lower blade lengths is cheaper than synthetic turf with higher blade lengths. For example, 10 mm artificial carpet grass is cheaper than 50 mm turf, which is the longest. 

So, if you are purchasing 50 mm artificial grass in Nigeria, you should expect to spend about, £85000 for 10 square meters. Of course, it might be tempting to go for shorter blade length artificial grass, but you might have to use a longer blade length. For example, if you have a property with high foot traffic, you need shorter blade length grass. But if you want your lawn to have the natural looks of real grass, a longer blade length will be the best. This means homeowners have to purchase 50 mm, 40 mm, or 35 mm artificial grass for their outdoor flooring project. 

What Is Artificial Texture, and How Does It Affect the Price?

cost of artificial carpet grass in nigeria

Artificial grass surface texture refers to the appearance of the turf. The surface texture of your artificial grass is the physical attribute of the turf. For example, most artificial turfs are green and attractive. Other Artificial grasses are yellow, blue, or red. This enables homeowners to customize their lawn with artificial grass of their choice. Green artificial grass looks like a real lawn because natural carpet grass is green.

Artificial Grass Carpet Price Per Square Meter 
10mm green artificial grass #3300
20mm green artificial grass #4800
25mm green artificial grass #5000
30mm green artificial grass #5500
35mm green artificial grass #5900
40mm green artificial grass #5900
50mm green artificial grass #6900
20mm blue artificial grass #8100
20mm red artificial grass #8100
20mm yellow artificial grass #8100
Artificial grass price in Nigeria

But if you want something unique on your lawn, you can try yellow, red, or blue artificial grass. Of all the available turf colors, green is the cheapest. If you want 10 square meters of 20 mm green artificial grass, you will spend about #55000. 10 square meters of 20 mm yellow, blue, or red artificial turf will cost about #85000 to buy. That is how the color of artificial grass affects the price. 

Aside from the pile height and the surface texture, other factors that affect the cost of artificial carpet grass in Nigeria are shipping and handling. If you live around Lagos and purchase artificial grass turf from a supplier in Lagos, you won’t spend a lot on shipping like someone in Abuja. So, the closer you are to the artificial grass supplier, the less you will pay. 


What is the cost of artificial carpet grass in Nigeria? The amount Nigerian homeowners will spend to purchase artificial grass carpets depends on the size, surface texture, and pile height. When purchasing synthetic turf, you should pay attention to the details and select one that matches your needs. 

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