How to Do Artificial Carpet Grass Design the USA

Are you planning to install artificial grass in the USA? Synthetic grass is the beginning of modern landscaping in the USA. With artificial carpet grass, you can increase the curb appeal of your property. Aside from that, with artificial grass, you will increase the resale value of your home. Landscaping your property to prevent erosion is another benefit of installing artificial grass in your home. But that is not all because USA homeowners can create a modern garden or backyard with synthetic turf. This article considers artificial carpet grass design in the USA. It looks at the various ways homeowners can use synthetic turf to increase the curb appeal of their property. 

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What Are the Different Artificial Grass Surface Textures?

Artificial grass comes in different surface texture that makes it useful for home design. When choosing artificial turf, you have to look at the pile height and the turf color. Synthetic turf has different pile heights, and each has its advantages. Low pile heights like 10, 20, and 25 mm are perfect for places with high foot traffic. Homeowners can use this turf to design their football field, commercial setting, and children’s playground. Longer pile heights like 35, 40, and 50 mm have the looks of natural carpet grass after you have laid it in your garden. 

Aside from the pile height, another attribute of artificial grass that makes it perfect to design your home is the color. Of course, the most common color of artificial turf is green. Natural carpet grass looks green, so most artificial grass carpets are green and attractive. Property owners have the choice to select between light green and dark green artificial turf when designing their property. But what if you don’t want green artificial grass? You can purchase red, yellow, and blue artificial grass and use them to design your property. So, when doing artificial carpet grass in the USA, you should consider two things – color and pile height. 

Ways to Do Artificial Carpet Grass Design

Install Artificial Grass along with Patio

One artificial grass design the USA homeowners can do on their property is pairing it with a patio. Do you have a great backyard with a patio and all kinds of furniture on it? Instead of flooring all of your backyards with concrete, why not install artificial grass to cover the space? Combining artificial grass with a patio is a great design because you will transform from the hard surface of your patio to the soft surface of your synthetic turf when you walk in your backyard. Aside from that, the green lush of artificial grass contrasts the concrete looks and will make your backyard attractive. 

Use Artificial Grass, Composite Decking, and a Pergola

Artificial Carpet Grass Design in Nigeria

Do you have a rough landscape on your property? Installing artificial grass is one way to make it attractive. But do you know that you can do better with composite decking and a pergola when you combine them with your artificial grass? Homeowners can lay synthetic turf in their backyard to create a modern garden. And along with their artificial grass, they can install a floating decking. The decking will provide a hard surface where you can have your outdoor activities in your backyard. And if you dwell where the weather is hot, installing a pergola over your decking is a great design idea. The combination of artificial carpet grass, composite decking, and a pergola is the right recipe to make a modern garden on your property. 

Use Artificial Grass on Your Rooftop

Do you have a concrete roof? A flat rooftop allows you to have your outdoor activities in your house. But instead of staying on the ground, you will relax on the roof of your home. Artificial grass will give you an attractive space to relax when you are tired of sitting inside. Homeowners can use green, yellow, red, or blue artificial turf on their rooftop. 

Combine Different Artificial Grass Color

Did you know that you can purchase yellow, red, and blue artificial grass from a supplier in the USA? Homeowners can take advantage of the different artificial turf surface colors when designing their homes. You can add yellow artificial turf in the center of your lawn if the main color you are using is green. And if you have extra cash, you can design your children’s playgrounds with blue or red synthetic turf. 

A note on artificial grass carpet design in the USA

When designing your home with artificial grass, you should take note of the different pile heights available. Short pile heights will be better if you want a lawn that will last longer in places with high foot traffic. Most homeowners prefer their synthetic lawn to look like natural carpet grass. In this case, you should install longer blades or pile height. When combined with the different colors, the right synthetic turf will add value to your property. 

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