How Do I Clean Dog Poo and Urine from Artificial Grass?

Artificial carpet grass is becoming popular due to its low maintenance and durability. The best material to landscape it is synthetic turf if you own a property. Unlike natural carpet grass, artificial grass is easy to maintain after installing it. Maintaining artificial turf is easy compared to carpet grass, but you might find it challenging to do some of the maintenance tasks. This can be true if you own pets and your pets play on your artificial turf. This article provides tips on how to clean dog poo and urine from artificial grass. 

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Why Is It Necessary to Clean Artificial Grass?

When you install your artificial grass, it will increase the curb appeal of your property. One major selling point of artificial turf is that it is easy to maintain without real grass trimming and chemical treatments. But some homeowners fail to clean their artificial grass after laying it. That is not right if you want a clean lawn. This is because easy maintenance grass is not the same as no maintenance grass. Artificial turf is easy to maintain, but that does not mean that you don’t have to clean it. 

Failure to clean your artificial grass will lead to unpleasant situations. Your synthetic turf will be unusable for outdoor activities if you don’t clean the surface regularly. Aside from that, leaving pet droppings on your turf will make it smell and develop mold growth. Your turf will smell, making it unfit for any outdoor activities. So, if you want a clean turf that is fit for outdoor activities, you should ensure that you clean your grass. 

How Do I Clean My Synthetic Grass?

There are several ways to clean your artificial grass after use or if you discover dirt on the surface. The way Nigerian homeowners clean their artificial grass depends on the kind of stains on it. Let’s explore different kinds of dirt that can be found on artificial grass. 

Sweep Leaves from the Surface of Your Grass

If you discover leaves, twigs, and another kind of dirt on your artificial grass, you should use a broom to sweep the surface. When sweeping your artificial turf, you should start from one side and sweep in one direction until the surface is clean. Leaves and twigs are non-sticky dirt and are easy to clean. But when you have sticky specks of dirt, you have to be diligent when maintaining your grass. 

Remove Dog Poo from Your Turf Surface

clean dog poo and urine from the surface of artificial grass

Most homeowners own pets. But keeping pets on your artificial grass can be challenging if they poo or urinate on it. If you discover dog poo on your artificial grass, you will clean it in two steps. The first step is to use a broom to sweep the surface of your turf. If the dog poo is dry and stuck to your turf, you can use a water hose to spray the base. When the poo is loosened from the surface of your artificial grass, you can use a broom to sweep it. After removing the solid poo from your artificial grass surface, you can further rinse your turf to remove any sticky poo left on it. 

Remove Dog Urine from Your Artificial Grass Surface

Now that you know how to clean dog poo from the surface of your artificial grass, you should clean dog urine from the surface too. Dog urine may not be as visible as dog poo, but you should clean it if you discover fresh urine. To clean urine from the surface of your artificial carpet grass, use a hose to spray the spot until you have diluted the urine. After, you can leave your artificial turf so to dry. 

If you want to take it a little further, you can use artificial grass cleaner and deodorizer. Artificial grass cleaners designed specifically for cleaning dog poo and urine will ensure that your turf remains clean and fit to use. Poo and urine can sometimes make your artificial grass smell. That is why artificial grass deodorizer will help you with the smell. If you discover that your artificial grass smells from the urine of dog poo, you should deodorize it to make it usable. 


How do I clean dog poo and urine from artificial grass? Cleaning dog poo and urine from artificial carpet grass requires sweeping and spraying with a garden hose. Also, if your artificial turf smell of dog urine, you should use synthetic turf deodorizer to clean the surface. 

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