What Are Things to Consider When Choosing Composite Decking Color?

Do you want a beautiful garden? One way people are becoming creative is by building a beautiful deck. There are lots of materials you can use to build decking, but few match composite decking. Composite deck boards are cherished because of their durability, easy maintenance, and above all, aesthetic value. You can transform an old garden into a modern one with a simple composite deck. But that is not all, you can create different themes depending on the color of the decking you install. So, what are the different composite decking colors? Will black composite decking fade? This article provides answers to those questions. 

What Colors Do Composite Decking Boards Come In?

What Are the Different Composite Decking Colors?

Of course, there is no telling that composite decking comes in lots of attractive colors, giving you more options if you want a beautiful deck in your compound. While most homeowners will settle for any color, others are picky, since they know what they want. Here are a few you can get from a store:

  • Grey composite decking – this deck color ranges from light grey to dark or anthracite grey. Grey boards go well with any home and are perfect for sunny areas. 
grey composite decking
  • Brown composite decking – you can get anything from the warmest or light brown to dark brown. Brown composite decking goes with any home color. 
  • Red composite decking – this deck color ranges from cooler undertones to fiery warmer tones. Red composite boards work well with a variety of home colors and textures like stucco or brick. 
  • Wood-grain composite decking – this decking looks like wood. People that love wood decks, but want something durable and attractive, will find this decking interesting. 
  • Black composite decking – black is beautiful. But does that apply to composite decking? Well, if you have seen black composite decking, you will know that the answer is yes. Composite decking black is perfect for any home. 
  • Silver composite decking – although silver decking boards are not common because they are a little expensive, they are perfect for most homes. The boards are very attractive and are perfect for VIP decks. 
composite decking color

Things to Consider When Choosing a Deck Color

Choosing composite decking color should not be difficult if you know what to look for. But why should you bother about colors when planning your decking? 

When you are choosing your deck color, you have to consider the climate and your home exterior. If your house is black, for example, and you want to create a consistent theme, black composite decking will be a perfect choice. 

But if your house is made of brick, red composite decking will be the right choice. Of course, you can choose any color you want, but if you want to create a theme and want consistency, then selecting a matching color will help. 

Another thing to consider is climate. If you live in a hot region, choosing dark composite decking will not be a good idea, unless you want to build a pergola to cover the surface. 

Dark-colored composite boards get heated up quicker than light color. So, if you live in a hot place, light grey or brown composite decking will be a perfect option. 

Do you want a composite decking that looks like wood? If you love wood, but don’t want a decking you will seal, stain, and paint over and over again, you can go for composite boards. Of course, not just any boards. With a little cost, you can get wood-grain composite decking. These deck boards are lovely and offer beauty like nothing else. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Black Deck a Good Idea?

Black is one of the best decking colors to choose if you want a strong statement when you install your deck. But you should remember that it gets heated up quicker than lighter colors. You can build a pergola to provide shade when you use the decking on a hot summer afternoon. 

Does Black Composite Decking Fade?

All composite decking products will display a slight color change in their first few weeks. After it acclimatizes, the color will remain consistent for a long time. And that applies to black composite decking boards. 

Why Choose Black Composite Deck Boards?

Black composite deck boards are attractive, asking if you can build modern decking in your backyard. Also, it doesn’t fade quickly because it contains more dye than most decking boards.

Which Composite Decking Looks Most Like Wood?

Wood-grain composite decking looks like wood. If you love timber decks but want something durable and easy to maintain, then wood grain decking is the best option. 

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