How to Clean Composite Decking

A little care and maintenance go a long way to maintaining the beauty of your composite decking. Like other building materials, composite decks require constant care, but not as laborious as wood. For composite decking, a little cleaning with the right cleaner and warm water is enough to remove stains and keep them clean. But what are the best composite decking cleaners to use on your deck? Keep reading to know more. 

Some of the best composite decking cleaners are: 

  • Olympic premium deck cleaner. This cleaner is perfect for keeping your composite decking clean. It is a strong, gentle cleaner that guarantees that your deck remains shining after maintenance. 
  • Mold armor deck and fence wash. This is the perfect cleaner to use if you have a deck infested with mould. It does the job of keeping your deck cleaner after use. 
  • Simple green oxy-solve deck and fence cleaner. Yet another cleaner you can use to make your plastic wood decking clean. 
  • Briggs & Stratton wood surface cleaner concentrate. This deck cleaner is perfect for wood and composite decking. 
  • Sakrete Concrete Dissolver. This is the perfect composite decking cleaner recommended by Trex to remove concrete from the decking surface. 

Other cleaners you can use are

  • Vinegar
  • Liquid dish wash, 
  • And any other soap that is free of bleach and ammonia. 
What Is the Best Composite Decking Cleaner?

How Do I Clean Composite Decking?

Cleaning composite decking is by far easier than wood. While wood decking requires sealing, scrubbing, painting, or spraying, composite decking requires a simple cleaning to remove stains or dirt. 

How you clean your decking depends on the kinds of stains you want to remove from the surface. A deck stained with dust is easier to clean than one stained with oil or grease. Also, removing mold from a decking surface is hard work because you have to scrub and rinse the surface. 

Removing Dirt and Debris

You can sweep the top with a broom to remove dirt and debris from your decking surface. Ensure you sweep the holes between the deck boards to remove all traces of dust and debris. You can use any of the composite decking cleaners to wash the surface of your deck to keep it spotless. 

Removing Concrete or Cement

When working with concrete or mortar, you should cover your deck as much as possible to prevent particles from getting on the surface. If cement gets to your decking surface and dries, it stains the surface, which is very difficult to remove. The recommended cleaner to use is the Sakrete Concrete Dissolver. 

Removing Hard Water Stains

Hard water contains a high amount of silica, calcium and lime. When the water dries, it leaves deposits behind, forming spots that distort your deck’s appearance. You can clean the deposits by washing the surface with white vinegar and warm water. Also, you can use a deck brightener product to clean hard water stains. 

Remove Tannins 

To make your deck free of tannin, remove debris with a broom or hose and ensure the top is clean. After, you should wash your decking surface with water and soap. You can use a deck brightener that contains oxalic acid to remove tannins. 

Removing Ice and Snow

You don’t have to wash the surface of your decking with soap to remove snow. All you need is a shovel with a plastic edge that you can use to push snow and ice off your decking surface. 

Removing Oil and Grease

Cleaning your composite decking surface when it is stained with oil or grease requires using composite decking cleaners. You can select a deck cleaner and apply it on the surface. After, spray water and scrub the surface with a brush until you have removed all the oil and grease stains from the surface. Rinse your deck surface to remove all traces of soap. 

Removing Mold and Mildew

If you don’t maintain your composite decking, pollens or rotten leaves can cause mold and mildew growth on the surface. To remove mold and mildew, the recommended composite decking cleaner to use is the Mold Armour deck and fence wash. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Cleaner for a Composite Deck?

Some of the best composite decking cleaners are Olympic premium deck cleaner, mold armor deck and fence wash, liquid dish soap, vinegar, and other soap free of ammonia. 

How Do I Clean Composite Decking?

To clean your decking, wash it with soap and warm water if you want to remove stains like oil, grease, mold, and mildew from the surface. Ensure you rinse your decking thoroughly to keep the surface shining
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