Latest Ankara Tops on Jeans in 2023

There is no gainsaying that Ankara tops don’t go well with jeans. If you want to look good while dressed in a native style, pairing Ankara and jeans is a good idea. But what are the best Ankara tops in jeans? Let’s consider some of the latest Ankara tops on jeans in 2023. 

What Is Ankara?

It is important to note here that Ankara, referred to in this article, is not the capital of Turkey. It is a fabric commonly referred to as Ankara prints, African wax prints, Dutch wax, or Holland wax. 

Ankara is an African dress that is made of 100% cotton fabric and comes with beautiful colors and vibrant patterns. Ankara designs are printed in Ghana, West Africa, and are famous for their bold and vibrant designs. They are commonly used to make African clothing for men, women, and children. 

What Is Ankara Used For?

Ankara is a versatile fabric that can be used to make items, including hats, blazers, tops, skirts, bags, and shoes. To make it even more attractive, fashion brands have manufactured Ankara prints on silk, iro, and bubas, sport bars, leggings, and socks. And the good part of Ankara is that you can wear it with a fitting pair of jeans and sneakers. 

One reason Ankara is popular is that it is durable, affordable, and comfortable, making it one of the most attractive fabrics in Africa. And yes, you can wear Ankara with jeans and sneakers. 

Best Ankara Tops on Jeans

There are several Ankara styles that you can wear with lovely jeans. But what kind of jeans can you pair with Ankara? You can wear blue or black jeans. Note that how dark or light your jeans are matters when you wear them with Ankara. 

You can wear dark blue or black jeans with Ankara fabric with thick color patterns. Also, you can wear light blue or black jeans with light-colored Ankara fabric. Let’s see some of the best Ankara tops on jeans trending now. 

Colorful Ankara Top with Light Blue Jeans

This Ankara fabric goes well with light blue jeans. You can wear this combination to any occasion, whether it is a casual outing or a business meeting.

Best Ankara Tops on Jeans

Beautiful Ankara Top with Dark Jeans

This Ankara top perfectly matches the dark jeans and sandals. If you want to look elegant, this Ankara combination is the right one for you.

Best Ankara tops with jeans in 2023

Lovely Ankara Top

Another Ankara style you can combine with jeans and a sandal. You can wear this style to both casual and business occasions. 

Ankara jeans and sneakers


What are the best Ankara tops on jeans? There are several Ankara fabrics you can pair with jeans. The best tops for any jeans depend on the color of the jeans and the Ankara style. You can try out different Ankara tops and jeans to know which is best for you. 

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