How Much Are Jeans in Nigeria?

Jeans are a common type of fashion fabric worn by men and women in Nigeria. Its history in Nigeria dates back a long time and its use in fashion is not receding. If you want good casual wear, you can put on nice jeans trousers and a shirt. Also, it is common knowledge that jeans are durable materials that last longer and offer value for the money. Are you planning to buy jeans in Nigeria? How much are jeans in Nigeria? Where can I get jeans in Nigeria? 

What Are Considered Jeans?

If you are asked what jean is, you will probably say that it is a piece of outfit that is made with thick cotton material that has the familiar jean design. Jeans are casual wear pants typically made from denim fabric. 

Patented in the nineteenth century by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, a typical pair of jeans usually features a button clasp, a zipper, belt loops and front and back pockets with copper rivets to reinforce the pockets. 

You can define jeans as a tough twill-weave cotton fabric that is used for hard-wearing trousers. 

What Can I Wear with a Jean?

There are several ways to wear jeans in Nigeria. But one sure way is to wear it with a nice polo or denim t-shirt. Jeans are business casual wear for men and women. 

If you want to go for a casual outing, you can wear nice blue or brown jeans. Also, if you want business casual pants, you can wear jeans with matching colors. 

What Shoe Can I Wear with a Jean? 

Shoes matter if you want to dress completely. If you have a nice-looking pair of jeans, you can wear it with casual or formal shoes. For example, you can wear jeans with sneakers and boots. 

Jeans can go well with Nike sneakers for men and women. Also, jeans can go well with Timberland boots. Aside from casual shoes, you can wear a jean with formal Oxford or Derby shoes. This is useful for those that wear jeans for business casual activities. 

What Color of Jeans is the Best? 

There are different colors of jeans out there in the market. Of course, the most popular Jean color in Nigeria is blue. Blue jeans are attractive and the color lasts longer. Aside from blue, there are brown, black and ash jeans. Any jeans color you select will be perfect as long as you wear it with a t-shirt and shoes of matching color. 

Price of Jean in Nigeria

The price of jeans in Nigeria depends on the brand and quality of the materials used to make them. 

Black Curvy Women Jean

Price ₦7000

How Much Are Jeans in Nigeria?

Do you want slim curvy women’s jeans in Nigeria? These black jeans for ladies in Nigeria is one to wear. It is made of durable cotton material that lasts long and does not wash. 

Blue Curvy Jeans for Ladies

Price ₦5000

blue ladies in Nigeria

Blue jeans are beautiful, and so is this curvy jean for ladies. The jean is perfect for any casual outing and is non-fading. 

Men’s Blue Jean

Price ₦ 7000

How Much Are men's Jeans in Nigeria?

This blue jean is perfect for men who want to wear it as casual wear. It is made of durable cotton that does not tear and has a non-fading blue texture. 

Ash Jeans for Men

Price ₦ 9,000

ash non fade jeans in Nigeria

If you take aside blue, another color of jean that is common in Nigeria is ash. This men’s ash jean is non-fading and guarantees you enjoy it for a long time. Also, the fabric is made from durable cotton material. 

So, how much are jeans in Nigeria? The prices of jeans for men and women vary on the brand and materials used to make them. You can get affordable jeans when you want to buy them online at Shopsavis. 

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