Cross Bags for Men in Nigeria

Cross-body bags, fanny packs, bum bags, or whatever you call them, are becoming a trend. Guys are becoming increasingly aware of the value of adding a long-lasting and attractive cross bag to their outfits. And it doesn’t stop there. A good cross bag helps store important valuables like a wallet and can even hold a water bottle. By now, you want to get your own cross bag, right? Find out the different types of cross bags for men you can buy in Nigeria. 

What Is a Cross-Body Bag?

This is a type of bag that rests against your body with the help of a strap that comes across your body. Originally named utility bags, cross bags were used by soldiers, fishermen, and lumberjacks to keep the tools of their trade. Cross bags are made with one long strap that crosses over the body and the bag section resting at the front by the waist. 

What Are Cross Bags Used for in Nigeria?

It is not surprising to see fashion-conscious guys carrying cross-body bags, and you wonder what the bags are used for. Cross-body bags are perfect for storing your essentials by your side at all times for quick and easy access on the go. The way cross bags are designed makes them hands-free. Guys can keep their wallets, mobile phones, earpiece, brush, or combs, anything they would keep in their pockets or hold with their hands. 

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Are Cross Bags Just for Women?

Most people think cross bags are for women. Well, it depends on the type and the design. There are several kinds of cross bags you can find in Nigeria, and most of them are designed for men. 

Common cross bags for men in Nigeria are made with leather and have large straps, unlike women’s cross bags, which are made with thin straps. Also, men’s cross bags in Nigeria have a lot of designs that make them classier. 

The reason cross bags appeal to men and women is their practicality and the wide range of styles to fit your needs, regardless of gender.  

What Do Men Carry in Cross Bags?

Men can wear small bags in a crossbody style or around the waist like a fanny bag. The small sling bags and man purses are also good options for men to carry their essentials like wallets, keys, cards, and cash hassle-free

Types and Prices of Cross Bags in Nigeria

There are different types of cross bags you can buy in Nigeria. Here are a few.

Crossbody Bag For Classy Men & Women

The price of a cross bag is ₦ 4,100

Cross Bags for Men in Nigeria

This crossbody sling bag is made of durable canvas, and it is for fashion-conscious individuals. It is classy and comfortable and can take a number of items, including a mobile phone, charger, wallet, etc. 

Leather Crossbody Bag in Nigeria

The price of a leather cross bag is ₦ 9,499

Leather Crossbody Bag in Nigeria

This leather crossbody bag is indeed classy. It is made of leather and is perfect for any outfit and occasion. 

Classy Crossbody Bag With USB Port for Sale in Nigeria 

The price of a leather cross bag is ₦ 2,895

Mens sling bag in Nigeria

This classy leather crossbody bag is a thing to have in Nigeria. It is made with high-quality polyester that is very durable and attractive. It is multifunctional and can be used as a shoulder bag, travel bag, and messenger bag. 

Where Can I Buy Men’s Bags in Nigeria?

You can buy cross bags for men in any fashion store. Or, you can visit or store and get high-quality bags. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much is a cross-body bag in Nigeria?

The price of cross bags in Nigeria varies on the type, size, and material used to make them. You can buy cross bags in Nigeria from ₦ 2,895 to ₦ 20,000.

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