What Are Solar Inverters Prices in Nigeria?

Tired of staying in darkness when there is no power supply? Well, there is a solution to every problem. And the solution to the constant power outage in Nigeria is to get a solar inverter. What are solar inverters prices in Nigeria? How much does a solar inverter cost in Nigeria? Find out the answers to these questions in this article. But before that, what is a solar inverter?

What Is a Solar Inverter?

A solar inverter is an electrical device that converts direct current (DC) to alternate current (AC). The solar panel outputs DC, which the inverter converts to AC, powering electrical gadgets at home or work. 

How Do Solar Inverters in Nigeria Work? 

Solar inverters work by taking in the variable direct current or DC output from your solar panel and transforming it into an alternating 120/240V current. The inverter is crucial to generating electricity because your appliances cannot run on a DC, so you need something to convert that DC into an alternate current. 

To be a little technical, say you buy a solar panel and put it in the sun; the panel will absorb the light and send the energy to the PV cell. The energy is stored in a battery or sent to an inverter in DC format. But since your home electrical appliances need AC, the inverter will convert the DC to AC.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Solar Inverter in Nigeria

There are lots of solar inverters in Nigeria if you shop for one. This makes it difficult to select the best inverter that is durable, long-lasting and cost-effective.

The Type of the Solar Panel

The type of solar panel matters when buying a solar inverter in Nigeria. If you have a grid-tie or grid-connected PV system, you need a grid-connected or grid-tie inverter. However, if you have an off-grid solar system, you need an off-grid inverter. The same goes for hybrid panels and hybrid inverters. 

The Power and Load Requirements

You should consider your power and load requirements before you buy a solar inverter in Nigeria. If you have many appliances connected to the inverter, you need something with a high Volt Ampere. Note that the higher the VA, the more the cost. 

An Extended Warranty Period

Most solar inverters have a warranty of up to 24 months, while others have more. You should check the warranty of the solar inverter before you buy it. 

Cost of Solar Inverters in Nigeria

Let’s check out the prices of solar inverters in Nigeria. 

1500 Watts 12v Solar Power Inverter

Price ₦ 25,000

solar inverter price in nigeria

This inverter was designed for home use and can convert DC 12V to AC 110V/220V/230V. You can use it for almost all home items, from sound systems to TVs, laptops, and desktop computers. 


Price ₦ 67,100 

solar inverter

This solar inverter has more power than the first because of its 3000w power. Notice how the price also differs from the first. You can power your TV, fan, laptop and sound system.


The prices of solar panels in Nigeria vary on the power (the amount of load it can carry) and the brand. You should always buy a solar inverter with enough power to carry all the gadgets you connect. 

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