What Are the Prices of T-Shirts in Nigeria? 

Do you want to wear something nice for that outing you have been dreaming about? A t-shirt can be a nice cloth to wear along with a pair of matching jeans if you want to look your best. But to wear a shirt, you have to buy it first. So, what are the prices of t-shirts in Nigeria? Also, which t-shirt brand is best to buy? 

What Is a T-shirt? 

A t-shirt or tee is a style of fabric shirt named after the T shape of the body and sleeves. Others will define a t-shirt as a collarless shirt-sleeved usually cotton that is worn as underwear. 

But that definition is too narrow because there are long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts in Nigeria. In general, a t-shirt is a piece of clothing, which can be a long sleeve or short sleeve that has the letter T shape when it is worn. 

Types of T-shirts in Nigeria

There are several types of T-shirts you can get in Nigeria from an online store like Shopsavis. 

  • Long sleeve t-shirt. The long sleeve has long arms that extend from the shoulder down to the finger. This kind of t-shirt may or may not have a collar. Also, this is a men’s shirt as well as a women’s t-shirt. 
  • Short sleeve t-shirt. Short sleeve t-shirts, unlike long sleeves, have short arms. Like a long sleeve, it may or may not have a collar. 
  • Collar t-shirt. This is another type of t-shirt you will see in Nigeria. In a t-shirt, the collar is that part of a shirt or dress that fastens around or frames the neck. 
  • Collarless t-shirt. Collarless t-shirts cannot be fastened around the neck. This kind of t-shirt is also known as a crew neck or round neck shirt. 

What Is the Difference between T-shirt and Polo? 

Well, the answer depends on the kind of t-shirt you are comparing a polo with. Polo is a business casual t-shirt that has a stand-up collar with a button placket. So, this means that a Polo is also a t-shirt if you look at it from that perspective. 

But there is a difference between a Polo t-shirt and a crew neck shirt since the latter doesn’t have a collar. Another difference between a Polo and a t-shirt is when you look at it from the formal and casual perspective. 

There is a clear difference between a long sleeve t-shirt that you can wear as underwear with a suit and a Polo shirt because Polos are casual while long sleeves are formal. 

Is a Long Sleeve a T-shirt?

Long sleeves are t-shirts as the name suggests. It is a t-shirt with sleeves extended to cover the entire arm up to the wrist. This kind of shirt in Nigeria combines the casual and comfortable feel of a t-shirt with the full coverage of a business shirt. 

Which Brand of T-shirt Is the Best?

There are different brands of t-shirts you can get in Nigeria. Each is unique in terms of quality and design. Here are a few t-shirt brands you can get in Nigeria. 

  • Polo t-shirt 
  • Levi t-shirt 
  • Jack & Jones
  • Louis Philippe
  • Pepe Jeans
  • Nike t-shirt 
  • Adidas t-shirt 

Prices of T-shirts in Nigeria

The cost of buying a t-shirt in Nigeria depends on the brand and the material used to make it. While some t-shirts are expensive, others are cheap and affordable. 

Most of the popular t-shirt brands in Nigeria like Polo, Nike and Adidas are imported, hence the high cost. These are some of the t-shirts available in Nigeria and their price. 

Unisex Designer T-shirt

Price $127

What Are the Prices of T-Shirts in Nigeria? 

This round neck t-shirt is for men and women. It is crafted in Portugal from cotton and decorated with a beautiful logo. It has a short sleeve, straight hem and round neck. 

Gray Short Sleeve T-shirt for Women

Price ₦ 6,000

Prices of T-Shirts in Nigeria

This attractive grey short sleeve t-shirt for women comes at an affordable price. It is made of durable material that ensures it lasts long and is perfect for a casual outing. 

Men’s Formal T-shirt

Price ₦ 8000

Prices of Long Sleeve T-Shirts in Nigeria

This packet t-shirt for men in Nigeria is the right cloth to wear for formal occasions. It has a long sleeve and is made of durable cotton material. 


What are the prices of t-shirts in Nigeria? The cost of buying a t-shirt varies depending on the brand and quality of the material used to make it. Some t-shirts are expensive while others are affordable, so you should select the best according to your means. 

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