How Much Are Men’s T-Shirts in Nigeria?

The price of men’s t-shirts in Nigeria varies on the brand and the material used to make them. While some t-shirt brands are popular, others are not. So, if you are buying a casual t-shirt or a corporate t-shirt in Nigeria, you should expect varied prices. This article answers the question, how much are men’s t-shirts in Nigeria? What is the price of men’s packing shirts in Nigeria? How much are men’s formal t-shirts in Nigeria? Continue reading to find the answers to these questions. 

Type of Men’s T-Shirts in Nigeria

A t-shirt is a price of cloth that is shaped like the letter T when worn. Of course, almost all clothes are shaped like the letter T. But one feature of a t-shirt is that they are made of cotton material that makes wearing them comfortable even when the weather is hot. 

While a t-shirt may have a collar, most shorts don’t. There are several kinds of t-shirts you can find in Nigeria. There is the casual t-shirt also known as the Polo shirt, although Polo is a t-shirt brand. 

Aside from that, there is the corporate shirt also called the packing shirt. This kind is formal and can be worn with a tie or a suit. Let’s begin with packing shirt prices in Nigeria. 

Packing Shirt Price in Nigeria

What is a packing shirt? Well as the name suggests, a packing shirt is a kind of t-shirt that is packed in nylon. But the definition gives beyond that. 

A packing shirt can also refer to a formal t-shirt with or without a long sleeve that has a collar around its neck. The hard collar of a packing shirt is what distinguishes it from the casual Polo t-shirt, although some polo has collars too. 

Mack and Spencer 3 Pack Long Sleeve T-Shirt 

Price £45

How Much Are Men's T-Shirts in Nigeria?

Mack and Spencer is a popular brand of cloth you can buy. These 3 Pack long sleeve t-shirts come in an attractive color. It is made of durable materials and is perfect for formal occasions. 

Men Packing Shirt

Price #5000

 Men's T-Shirts in Nigeria

This packing shirt can be worn to any occasion and with a suit. Perfect for corporate meetings and formal events. It is made of lightweight materials that ensure you sweat less. 

Casual T-shirt for Men

A casual t-shirt, as the name suggests, is a shirt for a casual outing. It may or may not have a long sleeve and collar, but it is certainly not the kind of shirt you wear with a suit or tie. 

Men’s Denim Shirt

Price ₦ 7000

 Men's T-Shirts in Nigeria price

This t-shirt is made of jean material that makes it attractive when you wear it with nice-looking jeans. It has a long sleeve and a neck collar. 

Men’s Vintage T-shirt with Floral Pattern

Price ₦ 6000

 T-Shirts in Nigeria

This short sleeve men’s t-shirt with a floral pattern is a good cloth to put on in Nigeria. One of the best t-shirts for men in Nigeria out there and it comes at an affordable price too. 

So, you have seen that there are different kinds of men’s t-shirts in Nigeria that you can choose from and that the price depends on the brand and quality. How much are men’s t-shirts in Nigeria? You should check regularly to know the latest t-shirt price in Nigeria. 

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