What Are the Prices of Women’s T-shirts in Nigeria?

How much is that shirt? What brand is that t-shirt? Where can I get Polo shirt? You will probably ask those questions when shopping for t-shirts for ladies in the market. We have written this article to feature a few types and prices of women’s t-shirts in Nigeria. 

What Are Women’s T-shirts? 

A ladies’ t-shirt is a lightweight garment in the shape of a T. It usually boasts a round neck and short sleeves and is way shorter than men’s t-shirts. The t-shirt for women comes in a range of designs and prints that make them attractive. 

They may be the exact fit, slim fit, oversized, or loose fit. Also, women’s t-shirts in Nigeria can have long sleeves or short sleeves. Women’s t-shirts are perfect for any weather and never go out of style because they are always attractive. 

Where Can You Wear a Women’s T-shirt To?

Wearing a t-shirt is an alternative to wearing formal clothing like a suit or traditional attire. In fact, without t-shirts, most people will have nothing to wear at all. This is because t-shirts constitute most of their clothing style. 

Everywhere you go in Nigeria, you will see ladies wearing different kinds of t-shirts. Whether round neck, collar, slim fit, knotted t-shirt or big t-shirt, they have become indispensable in women’s dressing. 

You can wear t-shirts for ladies to casual outings. Also, if you want to look a bit formal, you can wear a collared t-shirt to a casual business meeting. 

What Are the Different Types of Women’s T-shirts?

T-shirts for ladies come in different designs and types. Some have printed logos or designs, while others come in plain color. In terms of style, the various t-shirt for women are: 

  • White-collar t-shirts.
  • Knot crop t-shirts for women.
  • Oversized t-shirt.
  • Round neck t-shirts for women.
  • V-neck t-shirt for women.
  • Cold shoulder t-shirt for a date.
  • High neck t-shirts for women.
  • Printed t-shirt for women.

Prices of Women’s T-shirts

The prices of t-shirts for ladies vary on the material used to make them and the brand. Popular brands tend to be more expensive than less familiar brands. So, when buying a designer t-shirt for ladies in Nigeria, you should expect to spend more than when buying an uncommon t-shirt. 

Adidas Original Women T-shirt

Price £30

What Are the Prices of Women's T-shirts in Nigeria?

This pink t-shirt for ladies by Adidas is one of a kind. This shirt is for you if you want to look classic wearing a designer brand. Besides, the t-shirt is one size fits all. 

Nike Running T-shirt for Women

Price £28

 Prices of Women's T-shirts in Nigeria

If you want a classic round neck t-shirt in Nigeria, a Nike running t-shirt for women is an option. It is made of cotton, making it comfortable wearing it. Also, it has long sleeves and has an attractive color. 

Adidas Originals Resort T-shirt for Women

Price £32.00

cost of Women's T-shirts in Nigeria?

This white Adidas t-shirt for ladies has short sleeves and is the best casual wear when going out. Made of quality material, Adidas t-shirts will last long and can be worn under any weather. Also, the t-shirt has a round neck. 

So, do you want to buy t-shirts for ladies in Nigeria? Note that the prices of women’s t-shirts in Nigeria can be lesser or more expensive than the ones we listed, depending on the brand. You should always check for the latest price of t-shirts. 

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