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Prices of Female Palm Slippers in Nigeria 

There are different kinds of palm slippers for ladies in Nigeria that you can buy if you want comfortable footwear. This article looks at the prices of female palm slippers in Nigeria.  Latest Palm Slippers for Ladies  Choosing the best palm sandal is a must if you want footwear that will make you stand out […]

palm sandal for men in nigeria

Prices of the Latest Palm Slippers for Guys in Nigeria

Are you looking for comfortable footwear to wear as an alternative to shoes? There are several options available when choosing a “slip-on” sandal in Nigeria. You can wear designer palm slippers for guys with lovely jeans. Or, you can “slip on” your palm slippers with beautiful native attire. Anyway, if you choose to wear your

Slippers for sale in Ibadan

Slippers for Sale in Nigeria

Are you looking for a cool slip-on shoe to wear? You can buy a slipper to warm your feet up when you walk around in your house. Funny, slippers got their name from slip-on because you can easily slide your feet in them. There are several types of slippers for sale in Nigeria and they

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