Prices of Female Palm Slippers in Nigeria 

There are different kinds of palm slippers for ladies in Nigeria that you can buy if you want comfortable footwear. This article looks at the prices of female palm slippers in Nigeria. 

Latest Palm Slippers for Ladies 

Choosing the best palm sandal is a must if you want footwear that will make you stand out from the crowd. When you shop for Pam slippers from an online store like Shopsavis, you will observe different brands and quality. To trend, you have to wear the latest plan slippers for ladies in Nigeria. Here are some examples of trendy palm slippers to wear. 

Suede Top Women Sandal

Price #12000

Prices of Female Palm Slippers in Nigeria 

This suede top women’s sandal is for indoor and outdoor activities. The sandal has a brown suede upper and a strong rubber sole. Also, it features a buckle closure on the upper side. 

Original Suede Palm Slippers for Ladies 

Price #10000

Female Palm Slippers in Nigeria 

This female palm slipper is common in Nigeria because it is made of quality materials. It has a 100% genuine suede insole which forms a perfect contour of the foot after wearing it. Also, it has faux leather with soft lining and adjustable straps. 

Female Palm Slippers in Nigeria

There are lots of other palm slippers for ladies you can wear in Nigeria. One feature of women’s flip-flops is that flat rubber sole that distinguishes them from high heel shoes. Also, palm slippers may have straps with or without an iron buckle. 

Attractive White Palm Slippers

Price #6000

Prices of women Palm Slippers in Nigeria 

Another female palm sandal that you can wear in Nigeria. This slipper features an attractive white leather upper and a flat brown rubber sole. The sandal is perfect for any occasion and matches any attire you wear with it. 

Beautiful Sandal for Ladies

Price #6500

ladies Palm Slippers in Nigeria 

This female palm sandal features silver and black leather straps that make it attractive. Also, it features a flat sole and an attractive design that makes it perfect for any occasion. 

So, which of these palm slippers should I choose? The prices of female palm slippers in Nigeria vary depending on the quality of the sandal. If you want a sandal that features a suede top and a strong rubber sole, you should be ready to spend to get the best quality slippers. Do you want to buy female palm sandals in Nigeria? Why not shop at Shopsavis for different kinds of shoes, sandals, sneakers and slippers? 

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