Prices of the Latest Palm Slippers for Guys in Nigeria

Are you looking for comfortable footwear to wear as an alternative to shoes? There are several options available when choosing a “slip-on” sandal in Nigeria. You can wear designer palm slippers for guys with lovely jeans. Or, you can “slip on” your palm slippers with beautiful native attire. Anyway, if you choose to wear your palm slipper, it is certain to make you look good. But to enjoy a palm sandal, you have to buy it first. So, what are the prices of the latest palm slippers for guys in Nigeria? Find out how much men’s palm sandals are sold in Nigeria in this article. 

What Is a Palm Slipper for Guys?

A slipper is a light, low-cut shoe that is easily slipped on the foot. Palm slippers are comfy footwear designed to be slipped on, making them easy to wear and remove anytime you like. Other names for palm slippers are palm flip-flops, palm sandals, or just palm. 

What Are Men’s Palm Slippers Made Of?

Men’s palm slippers in Nigeria are made of leather upper which forms the straps and a thick rubber sole. The leather strap of the palm sandal is strong to ensure that it holds your feet to the sole of the sandal without breaking. Also, the thick rubber sole ensures that you wear the sandal for a long time because it will not wear out quickly. 

What Can I Wear with a Palm Slipper?

Palm slippers or sandals are common in Nigeria. Men and women can wear palm sandals if they want something comfortable on their feet. While most people wear flip-flops for casual outings or in their house, others wear them on occasion. But it all depends on the kind of palm slippers you buy. 

If you buy a leather palm sandal for men, you can wear it for both casual and formal occasions. For example, you can wear a black leather palm sandal with traditional native attire, but not a suit. And since men’s palm slippers are casual, you can wear them with jeans. 

Price of Palm Sandal for Guys in Nigeria

Men’s Black Leather Palm Slipper

₦ 3,850

What Are the Prices of the Latest Palm Slippers for Guys in Nigeria?

This men’s palm slipper is a flip-flop to wear to make your feet comfortable. The sandal has a black leather top and a thick rubber sole that ensures it last longer. 

Leather Palm Slipper for Guys 

₦ 6,500

 Prices of the Latest Palm Slippers for Guys

This palm slipper for guys has a flat rubber sole and a strong leather upper that makes you look good when you wear it. It is perfect to wear with jeans or native attire. 

Black Leather Palm Slippers For Guys 

₦ 4,655

 Prices of the Latest Palm Slippers

The palm slipper features an attractive upper with a flat rubber sole. Its design makes it perfect for formal and casual outings. 

So, which palm sandal should I choose? We have discussed the prices of the latest palm slippers for guys in Nigeria in this article. You can select any flip-flops you want. If you want to buy palm slippers in Nigeria, visit our store and get the best. 

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