Slippers for Sale in Nigeria

Are you looking for a cool slip-on shoe to wear? You can buy a slipper to warm your feet up when you walk around in your house. Funny, slippers got their name from slip-on because you can easily slide your feet in them. There are several types of slippers for sale in Nigeria and they come at different prices too. This article discusses slippers for sale in Nigeria and their prices. 

What Is Considered a Slipper? 

A slipper is a type of indoor shoe that slips easily on and off your foot. Slippers are cosy and will warm your feet if the ground is cold. The name slipper is derived from the old English language “Slipper” or “slipor” which means “slip-shoe”. And from the design, that name is very correct because you can slide your feet in and out of a slipper without hindrance. 

Is There a Difference Between a Shoe and a Slipper?

One obvious difference between a slipper and a shoe is that the formal has no protective covering. You can easily slip your foot in a slipper. A shoe, on the other hand, has a protective covering that is made of leather or rubber. Also, shoes have thick rubber soles and are often laced to fit your feet. 

What Is the Difference between Sandals and Slippers?

While it is not news that a Slipper does not have the protection of any form, a sandal has protections in the form of straps that secure the sole to your foot. 

Types of Slippers in Nigeria

Just like shoes in Nigeria, there are many types of slippers you can get in the market. Conserving comfort and practicality, the common types of slippers are:

  • Classic slip-on,
  • Mules,
  • Moccasins,
  • Clogs,
  • Toe-post slippers, 
  • Sandal-style slippers,
  • Slides

Prices of Slippers in Nigeria

The prices of slippers vary depending on the brand and quality. There are some expensive slippers or slides that you can get for a price, while there are cheap slippers. So, when buying a slipper, you should consider the brand. Adidas slippers in Nigeria are sold for ₦ 31,239 which is by far more expensive than the unbranded rubber slippers sold for ₦ 2000. So, the price of slippers in Nigeria ranges from ₦ 2000 to ₦ 31,239. 

Types of Slippers in Nigeria

Adidas Core Slides Adilette Comfort

Price ₦ 31,239

Adidas slides for Sale in Nigeria

This Adidas slipper is one of a kind. It is indeed quality. It is made of a thick rubber upper and sole. And it allows you to easily slide your feet in and out. 

Adidas Originals Slippers Adilette

Price ₦ 28,179

Adidas Slippers for Sale in Nigeria

If you want a slipper that has attractive designs, Adidas Originals Slippers Adilette is the right one for you. It features a decorative leather upper and a thick rubber sole that ensures it lasts longer. 

Ladies Flat Sole Slippers

Price ₦ 8,500

Slippers for Sale in Nigeria

This lovely slipper is for ladies and looks good on beautiful skin. It has a flat sole, suede straps and a classic design that allows you to slide your foot in and out easily. 

Bathroom Slides Slippers 

Price ₦ 6,000

Slippers for Sale in Nigeria

This bathroom slipper is made to withstand water absorption. You can wear it when bathing and be assured that it will last long. 

There are several slippers for sale in Nigeria, so, ensure you select the right one for your needs. You can browse from Shopsavis’s collections of slippers. 

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