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Are you in Ibadan and planning to buy a shoe? There are lots of shoe stores in Ibadan, but few sell quality footwear online. If you want to buy any kind of shoes in Ibadan or Nigeria, you can shop @ Shopsavis. Shopsavis is an online store in Nigeria that makes it easy to get what you want without stress. They sell high-quality shoes, sneakers and sandals that match any outfit you wear. Let’s look at the different shoes for sale in Ibadan you can get @ Shopsavis. 

Men’s Formal Shoe

Did you know that you can buy high-quality men’s formal dress shoes in Ibadan @ Shopsavis? Yes, Shopsavis has got lots of dress shoes for men that you can wear to any occasion. Also, they have different shoe sizes and colors to match your outfit. Here is an example of a men’s shoe. 

Black Men’s Toe Oxford Shoe

Shoes for Sale in Ibadan @ Shopsavis

This Oxford shoe is made with thick black leather uppers and a durable and long-lasting rubber sole. It is handsome when polished and easy to wear. 

Women’s Formal Shoe 

Women too can wear formal shoes as well. There are different kinds of women’s dress shoes you can get in Nigeria. While some shoes have high heels, others have flat soles. Shopsavis has got you covered if you need high-quality women’s shoes in Nigeria. 

Bow Loafer

Shoes for Sale in Ibadan @ Shopsavis

This beautiful shoe features a synthetic leather upper and man-made sole. Also, it is a round apron toe with bow detail.


Are you planning to buy a sandal, but don’t know where you get high-quality sandals? Shopsavis has got lots of men’s and women’s sandals that you can wear to any occasion. 

Men’s Sandal 

If you are looking for men’s sandals to buy in Nigeria and Nigeria, you can get long-lasting sandals at Shopsavis. The sandals are made of durable leather straps and long-lasting rubber soles. 

Big Buckle Unisex Sandal

Shoes for Sale in Nigeria

The oversized buckles of this sandal freshen the look of a legendary sandal with a contoured footbed that mimics your foot shape and provides excellent support.

Women’s Sandal

Women can buy lovely sandals in Ibadan @ Shopsavis. Those sandals are guaranteed to last longer when you wear them under any weather conditions. 

Clarissa Chain Sandal

women sandals for sale in Ibadan

This women’s Sandal features a flared block heel and ankle chain secured to a strappy sandal fronted by a squared toe. It has a synthetic upper and a rubber sole. 


You can get different brands of sneakers from the Shopsavis online store. Common sneakers available for sale in Ibadan is the Nike Air Force 1 and lots of Adidas sneakers for men and women. 

Nike Air Force 1

Air force 1 for sale in ibadan

Nike Air Force 1 for sale in Ibadan. This sneaker is so cool that it absorbs impact and distributes weight for consistent, buoyant comfort under each step. It features a leather upper and a rubber sole. 

Looking for good footwear to buy? Why not check out shoes for sale in Ibadan @ Shopsavis?

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