What Are the Types and Prices of Men’s Sandals in Nigeria?

A sandal can be a great alternative to wearing shoes. You can wear a sandal with casual attire when going out. Or, you can wear a sandal with formal attire, like a native dress. There are different kinds of sandals you can get in Nigeria. While some are made with high-quality material and can be worn for any occasion, others are for everyday activities. So, what kind of sandals should I buy? Keep reading this article to know the types and prices of men’s sandals in Nigeria. 

What Is a Sandal?

A sandal is a light shoe with an openwork upper or straps attaching the sole to the foot. You can think of a sandal as a shoe with a flat sole and leather straps that attach the sole to your foot. One common feature of all sandals is the leather straps that secure the sole to your foot.  

What Is the Difference Between a Shoe and a Sandal?

It is no news that a sandal has straps that attach the sole to your foot, but what about a shoe? A shoe has a leather or fabric upper that protects the whole foot. The sole of a shoe is usually thicker and more rigid than a sandal because it is made of strong synthetic materials. 

Can Sandals Be Formal?

If you have native attire, you can wear a sandal to an event in Nigeria. For example, you can wear a sandal in Nigeria with your native dress to a wedding. The tip is to match the sandal color with your dress. 

Is it OK to Wear Sandals with Jeans?

Most sandals are intrinsically more casual, so that you can wear them with jeans to any casual outing. Some sandals go well with jeans or any color. 

How Do I Get a Good Sandal?

  • Buy a sandal that is made with durable leather. 
  • Choose the right color.
  • Buy the right sandal size.
  • Make sure the sandal has support (upper and back strap).
  • Wear suitable sandals for your activity.

Cost of Buying a Sandal in Nigeria

The prices of men’s sandals in Nigeria vary depending on the types. While some sandals are cheap, others are more formal and expensive. 

Brown Leather Sandal 

₦ 4,200

What Are the Types and Prices of Men's Sandals in Nigeria?

If you want to buy a sandal in Nigeria, this brown leather sandal is the right one for you. It has a flat sole and leather straps that secure your feet to the sole. 

Brown Leather Sandal for Men in Nigeria

₦ 3,850

Prices of Men's Sandals in Nigeria

A durable leather sandal that is perfect for both casual and formal outings. The sandal has a durable leather strap and a flat sole. 

Black Men’s Sandals 

₦ 6000

Men's Sandals in Nigeria

Rubber sole, black leather straps and made of durable material. This sandal is made for formal and casual outings. 

There are lots of sandals you can buy in Nigeria. If you are shopping for sandals in Nigeria, visit Shopsavis online store. Note that the prices of men’s sandals we mentioned here can change anytime. 

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