Shoes for Sale in Nigeria

Are you planning to buy shoes in Nigeria? Perhaps, you are planning a wedding and need a good formal shoe to wear. Or you are attending a corporate meeting and need a durable corporate shoe to pair with your suit. There are many shoe brands in Nigeria and many online stores selling shoes. Shopsavis stands out from the crowd because it sells high-quality, long-lasting shoes for men, women, guys and ladies. Let’s examine some of the various shoes for sale in Nigeria. 

Men’s Shoes for Sale @ Shopsavis

There are several types of men’s shoes for sale in Nigeria that you can choose from when shopping for footwear. 

Valencia Half Shoe

Price #12000

Shoes for Sale in Nigeria

If you love slip-on shoes, this footwear is the best thing to wear in Nigeria. Just slide your feet into it when you are ready, and you are good to go. The shoe is made of thick brown leather and a rubber sole that ensures it lasts long. 

Clark Shoes for Sale in Nigeria

Price #19000

Clark Shoes for Sale in Nigeria

Clark is a top brand when it comes to making long-lasting shoes. Luckily, you can wear Clark shoes in Nigeria because Shopsavis has lots of them in its inventory. This shoe has a thick leather upper and a durable rubber sole. 

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Women Shoes in Nigeria

Women Shoes with Bag for Sale

Price #25000

Trendy shoes for ladies in Nigeria

Do you love weddings? Who doesn’t? This women’s shoe has an attractive color that makes it perfect for wedding ceremonies. Also, the shoe comes with a matching bag that makes you stand out from the crowd. 

Women Toe Oxford Shoe

Price #7000

Women shoes for sale in Nigeria

If you want a formal shoe for women and ladies, this is the right one. The shoe is made with thick black leather that gives it a formal look and makes it perfect for any outfit you wear. Also, it has a rubber sole. 

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How Do I Know My Shoe Size

Buying shoes online in Nigeria can lead to confusion if you don’t know the right size you need. That is why we have included how to measure your foot size in this article. You will need A4 paper, a pen and a ruler for the task.

Step One 

Fix the paper to the ground and put your foot on it.

Step Two

Hold your pen vertically and draw an outline of your foot. 

Step Three

Remove your foot from the paper and measure the length of the outline with a ruler. Take down the result in centimetres.

Step Four

Find your size in the chart below.

Men’s Shoe Size Chart

Shoe measurement

Women’s Shoe Size Chart

women shoe measurement

There are several shoes for sale in Nigeria, and you only have to choose the best.  Shopsavis makes it easy to get what you want anywhere in Nigeria. Visit our shoe store to place an order. 

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