What Is a Derby Dress Shoe?

There are lots of shoe brands, but few people know much about them. We can help you with that. What is a Derby dress shoe for men? Is Derby better than Oxford? Are Derby shoes formal or casual? Those questions will be answered in this article. 

Why Are they Called Derby Shoes?

The origin of Derby shoes can be traced back to the Napoleonic wars. Then, a Prussian army officer named Gebhard Leberecht Von Blucher developed a boot with two flaps below the ankles that could be laced together when worn. Unlike Oxford shoes, Derby shoes have an open lacing system that is stitched on top of the vamp. In a Derby shoe, there is no seam between the tongue and the front, which makes it less bound in appearance and fit. This allows for more freedom of movement when you wear it. 

Which Is Better, Derby or Oxford Shoes?

Both shoes are durable, attractive and comfortable to wear. Also, both Derby and Oxford dress shoes come in different designs that make them perfect for formal and casual occasions. But Oxford is more formal than Derby. Yet, they can both be worn with jeans or a suit. 

Are Derby Shoes Formal or Casual?

Derby shoes are like Oxford shoes for men and women. They are classic dress shoe that adds comfort to style for those that wear them. You can wear a Derby shoe to any formal occasion and it will pair well with a suit. For example, you can wear Derby shoes to a wedding or corporate meeting. The simple, sleek design of Derby shoes means that they also look good when you wear them with a nice casual outfit like a jean.

Can I Wear Derby Shoes with a Tux?

Yes, you can wear a Derby shoe with a tuxedo. Other popular shoes you can wear with a tux are Oxford leather shoes and loafers.

Can I Wear Brogues with a Suit?

Brogues make a shoe attractive. You can pair Oxford brogues or Derby brogues shoes with a suit for a formal occasion. Also, you can wear a brogue with a trouser, a shirt and a blazer for a smart-casual vibe. 

Are Derby Shoes Leather?

Derby shoes are leather or suede shoes defined by an open lacing system. The dress shoes for men are made with a thick, long-lasting leather upper that ensures that you wear them for long. You can get a black or brown Derby shoe to pair with a Tux or a jean. 

Are Derbies More Comfortable than Oxfords?

Derby is said to be more comfortable than Oxford because it has a larger instep. This makes it the perfect shoe for men with wider or larger feet size, making it easy to wear Derby shoes every day. 

Types and Prices of Derby Shoes

Toe Blucher Derby Men’s Dress Shoe 

Price $70

Derby Dress Shoe

This black leather shoe boasts a smooth finish on a handsome Derby designed with an apron toe and OrthoLite cushioned footbed that offers comfort. It features a leather upper and a rubber sole. 

Casual Lace-Up Derby

Price $70

Derby Dress Shoe Suede

Are you looking for a shoe to wear for a casual outing? This do-it-all Derby dress shoe for men is made from a soft suede design to last longer. Also, it has a rubber sole. 

Plain Toe Brown Derby Shoe

Price $150

Derby Dress Shoe

Do you love brown shoes? This plain-toe brown Derby shoe for men is classic footwear. It features a thick brown leather upper and a rubber sole that last longer. 

Dax Plain Toe Derby Shoe for Men

Price $99.95

Black Derby Dress Shoe

The rubber sole keeps you firmly planted in this plain-toe Derby shoe. It has a classic silhouette and a lace-up style. Also, it features a black leather upper.

Are you still thinking of the best Derby dress shoe to buy? You can choose any Derby shoe color or design you want, and it will go fine with your outfit. 

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